An abstract version of this Mens Fragrance Product Shot

An abstract version of this Mens Fragrance Product Shot
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dnicole1 April 05, 2017
Love this!
LosiggioImaging April 06, 2017
thank you :D This was quite a challenging shot to take and create.
LosiggioImaging August 09, 2017
Thank you to everyone who voted me in as a finalist.

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my studio.
Really doesn't apply to this image as it was shot in a dark studio, so it could have been shot at any time of the day.
Surprisingly the set-up was not too complex at all. Just a few lights and coloured gels to create the red-white-blue look. I don't remember power settings. I don't use ratios or anythinng like that. It's all done visually. You have to play around and experiment till you get the right look. Messing around with power ratios and light meters, that's more for Portraiture. When you're dealing with products it's a whole different ball game. You need to shoot tethered, preferably to a large calibrated screen to make sure the image is in focus and the light is falling over the parts of the image that you intended it to fall on. Everything must be deliberate.
I shot this with a Nikon and 100mm macro Lens, mounted onto a tripod. Since I was shooting with a macro, to get the entire scene in the view I had to have the tripod up pretty high else the crop would be too tight.
I wanted to create something extremely creative and since this product reminds me a lot of the ocean I wanted to it create something along that theme. So I went to to look for props and found some great blue-cyan jewels over at the local art store. I figured they matched up very well with colour of the liquid in the cologne bottle. I then had to come up with some sort of style and after several attempts I decided to go with the bottle lying down flat rather then straight up on it's base. Once the compostion and props were in place I started playing with the lights and gels, til I got what I wanted. I had even expiremented with water and as such have an alternative water version of the same shot in my portfolio. So in this case I had to great shots and themes for the same photo.
You will always need to do a bit a post to clean up dust and manufacturing imperfections. But really not too much post was done on this one. Most of the hard work was done in camera. I prefer it that way. I'm not into CGI, sure it looks like everyone is heading in that direction but I find a photo will always have a more authentic look to it. If you look really closely you can tell what's real and what is computer generated.
In my camera bag
Well my 100mm macro, and 50mm are always with me. Along with filters and polarizers. Once in a while I will use the 24-70 in around the 30-40 mm range. Basically whenever I need to create a grand look.
You got to have an excellent understanding of light, how it works and how it reacts with products and glass surfaces, else you will end up becoming totally frustrated. Also every product is different, some products reflect and some refract. Some are glossy and some matte. You have to have a different plan of attack for each. The shoot set-up and fine-tuning took a few hours for this shot, but I already had a plan set up prior to shooting, else it would have taken even longer. There have been shoots that lasted much longer, especially if there is a lot of creative direction happening. So basically plan and practice is the best advice I can give you.

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