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CURUTCHET May 21, 2019
beautiful portrait
CURUTCHET May 21, 2019
are you basque
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Behind The Lens


I took this photo at a place a few minutes from my home called Lundbreck Falls. It's a lovely waterfall and I enjoy going there, at this time of the year when we took this, it was frozen which was pretty neat.


This photo was taken about mid day, maybe 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The day itself was a bit of an odd winter's day. It was warm enough to go out and do photo's, cold enough to need a jacket....but it was overcast outside so there was no squinting because of the sun which worked out really well!


This photo was taken using all natural light, no flash or other light source. I just wanted a well composed and evenly lighted photo and I adjusted my camera settings accordingly


This photo was taken hand held, no tripod or flash. I used my Nikon D750 and my 85mm prime Nikkor lens. No reflectors or any other sort of secondary equipment was used either.


We set out to take these photos for two reasons. Her sweet 16 birthday was coming up right away and I wanted to commemorate her birthday and give her something to look back on as she got older. The other reason was her good friend who is from Germany (we are Canadian) was more than half way through her stay here and they realized their time together, being able to hang out...was short lived and we wanted some nice pictures of them together. We did do those photos although not pictured here.


This photo was easy to process! Because I exposed it right in camera it needed some minor adjustments like white balance and a touch of sharpening. She had already done her own makeup and I lessened the clarity slightly to soften the skin a bit. With her big brown eyes and giant eyelashes she did the work already by being a great model!

In my camera bag

In my bag I always carry my 85mm or 50mm prime lenses. My 16-35mm is also a staple that rarely gets left at home. I always carry my external flash and a ND filter because you never know when you will need either one! For my own picture taking enjoyment I normally have myD750 in my bag, but if I'm going on a planned shoot involving people I usually also bring my D610 so I don't have to change lenses often, I try not to change the lenses outside as I don't want dust or dirt blown onto my sensor and I live in a fairly windy area.


Don't be afraid to get close to your model or go in for a shot that is not always conventional! Photos also are reminders of feelings so make your subject comfortable, because if they aren't even if they love the photo they will always remember that feeling! I had planned pictures by a waterfall, and while I did get some the best one turned out to be one I didn't plan and had no other background to it at all! This photo happened as the girls were talking amongst themselves, I set up my shot while they weren't paying attention and simply called her name, when she looked over at my, click and done! I try to capture the personality of those I'm photographing and in this photo you can see her sweet but serious side. I love that out of all the photos we took that day, some were fun, this one really made her feel beautiful and 10 years from now and every time she looks at this photo I hope she remembers that feeling. Just keep trying!! Sometimes plans work and others they may crash and fail, but you never know what you're capable of capturing if you stay in that safe zone and never try. :)

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