Juvenile bald eagle scream

the scream

the scream
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hiyahercfarm PRO+
hiyahercfarm April 08, 2017
I absolutely love this capture! I love the details of this juvenile and the scream makes it perfect. Great shot. Congratulations on winning my Bald Eagle Challenge.
dario2004 April 08, 2017
Thank you so much I really appreciate it
p_eileenbaltz PRO
p_eileenbaltz April 09, 2017
Fantastic capture! Congratulations on your Challenge Win.
dario2004 April 09, 2017
Thanks a lot i really appreciate it
Alwolfe Premium
Alwolfe October 05, 2017
Beautiful capture!
dario2004 October 05, 2017
Thanks a lot
kaisorensen PRO+
kaisorensen January 23, 2018
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
kaisorensen PRO+
kaisorensen January 23, 2018
Write a commentWOW!
dario2004 January 23, 2018
Thx a lot
181297 January 25, 2018
dario2004 January 25, 2018
Thx a lot

Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in a park in Vancouver British Columbia and was so lucky to spot this Juvenile bald eagle it took me over one hour to get this image, its all about patience and timing, thats wildlife photography
I love this image due to the scream of the juvenile bald eagle it was taken at 11 am February 2017 it was handheld.
it was a little cloudy but also sunny at times so i went slightly to the right of the bald eagle while he was sitting up in the tree, so that the sun was shining on him
I used my Nikon D 7200 and Sigma 150-600 sport lens which is an amazing lens for bird photography and no tripod all handheld
I was walking around the park when I spotted this juvenile bald eagle and he was talking to another bald eagle so I waited around until he spoke again and gave his scream, it took me one hour to get a good image, since its all about timing. I also liked the way his feathers were and he actually had a piece of meat between his claws. Also when I took the pic I could also see his tongue in the image, so that really added to the photo of him as a nice detail.
The lighting was very good, so post processing i only sharpened the image a little and used a little saturation
In my camera bag
I always have my nikon d 7200 and sigma 10-20 mm, sigma 150-600 sport which is an amazing lens, because its the sharpest at 600 mm and amazing for wildlife photography which allow me to keep my distance from animals and get good images. I also have sigma 17-70 mm and Nikon 70-300 mm which is also an amazing lens.
The key to capturing a nice image of bald eagle is patience, timing and lighting, because if its darker and the lighting is bad you need to boost up the ISO which can degrade the quality of the image, I mean give it more grain . Also when you try to capture movement you need a higher shutter speed so the lighting is crucial

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