Knee Down





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bkelly7k PRO+
bkelly7k March 02, 2017
Awesome focus! Isn't it cool the way we can freeze a moment like this! A friend is encouraging me to try a slower shutter to catch the initialpart in focus but then blurs out. and I'll try it , but I like freezing an instant like this! Great shot!

Behind The Lens

The image was taken at Brands Hatch. I am totally self taught and go by eye when it comes to choosing the image. I try to capture a different angle as shooting for the same spot each time I visit becomes much of a muchness.
The image was taken on the 07 August 2010 at 12.49.
The light was not to intense as the day was clouded over. This allowed more detail to be visible on the left side of the image. In stronger sunlight this would have been lost
Hand held, for most of my shots I rarely use a monopod as I find the restricting. Nikon 300S with a 70 - 200mm 2.8 VR fitted with a TC20-EII x2 converter. The image was shot at 1/400th F6.3 ISO 400 on shutter priority
Motorsport Photograph is a passion for me. I have followed it for twelve years now. Covering the Isle of Man TT, Southern 100, Pre TT Classic, Road Racing at Olivers Mount and Club Race meetings around the UK. I mainly focus being the British Formula 2 Sidecar Championship. Shooting for team, papers, magazine and race programs. In this way I try to put a little bit back into the sport. Recently helping to putting together a fund raising calendar for the ACU Benevolent fund
Very little post production work was done on the image. Other than tweak the horizon in Photoshop
In my camera bag
I always have my pair of Nikon D300S in my bag. My main choice of lens is a 70-200mm 2.8 VR Mk1, it is getting old now. My back-up is a 28 - 105mm 3.5-4.5 ED for portrait work in the paddock and presentation shots. Along with a TC20-EII 2x converter and an SB800 Flash Head for fill-in use I do hire a prime 300mm 2.8 or 5.6 for the Isle of man TT as a treat.
I have mentioned to anyone who asks me about motorsport photography. Learn the track or circuit and pick your locations from this knowledge, experiment with angles. But most of all know your camera, read the manual. Think about ISO the lower the better. Keep the servos on continuous your following a moving target after all. Watch the sun to avoid lens flair and over exposure. Practice your panning and keep the shutter speed low, you do not want to be able to measure the tread of the tyres.

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