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Jinn-A PRO
Jinn-A June 15, 2018
This is a great photo for many reasons, and a rare one that brought tears to my eyes because of emotions. I suggest that you enter it in every contest that it qualifies for. Contests, as you know, will assure you that your model, name, style, and your evocative, photo gain maximum exposure. This truly is beautiful. Jinn “Peer”

Behind The Lens

Sarah came to town and was staying with a friend who is also an experienced model, this was taken in one the rooms they frequently use for photoshoots.
I think this was taken sometime in the early afternoon, it was definitely at the start of our shoot together. I remember it was a little overcast during our shoot because the window light was so soft and beautiful!
We went through a lot of poses and angles before I got this shot, the light coming through the window was soft and not casting harsh light through the window which was nice. Sarah is a great model to work with because she has this natural ability to just bring out great contours with the light around her.
I shot this on a canon 5dmkII and a canon 24-70 f/2.8 II, and natural window light.
I went into our shoot without an real plan, Sarah had mentioned she bought some new ballet socks and wanted to shoot in them. Other than wanting to capture a shot that was elegant and flattering I wanted to show off how flexible Sarah can be. She did a bunch of poses on the floor but stretched out her leg and I knew it would create a leading line to her and show some flexibility.
I loved the shadows in this image and knew black and white would work great! Other than that I probably just did some minor edits tweaking the highlights, shadows and contrast.
In my camera bag
At the time I took this shot I only carried a Canon 5dmkII, with a 24-70 and a 50 f/1.4. Since then I've upgraded my equipment and now carry a Canon 1DXMkII, 24-70, and a Zeiss 135 f/2.0 as well as a fujifilm x100f when I get tired of carrying all that weight around.
Wait for an overcast day and use natural window light. Sarah is directly facing the window, while i'm perpendicular to her and the window. Other than that this shot is very simple, it's in an empty moderately sized room with wood floors.

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