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Church in the abandoned fortification Juromenha (Portugal)

Church in the abandoned fortification Juromenha (Portugal)
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Behind The Lens

This photo is taken in Juromenha. A collapsing and abandoned fortification. Location: Alentejo in Portugal
I am Dutch and live since 8 years in Portugal. I knew allready for years that there are lots of excavations and abandoned houses in Portugal. So, it was good weather, let's take the car and make a drive to Juromenha. The old fortification was mentioned by a sign on the road, but I could see on the main entrence that is was closed. I even tried the door in the huge portal. Then I decided to walk around, to see iff there was an other opening to go in. It was a big walk around, but I went back: no entrance more. Something inside me said: try the door again. I pushed a little and YES, it wend open. The complete little village was mine inside! I knew I had to drive back home for 2,5 hours. It was more or less 16:00 hour in Winter.The Sun was allready going more and more down. So I ran almost to make as many pictures I could. I was amazed what I saw, everything damaged and collapsing. I know, Portugal is a very poor country and they do not have the money to restore all their heritage, but when I saw the church inside, I was shocked.
I did not have to use flash, because there was no glass in the windows, so I got natural light and the Sun came from the right direction inside. But it feels a bit creepy when you are alone. Not that I was expecting any wonder, but I was afraid people should send me away from there.
I used a Sony DSC-300,time lightning 1/250 sec,ISO 80, without flash an no tripot.
Curiousity is always my strongest caracterpoint, so in this case I had to go to Juromenha, especially inside the fortification. Just to know what was there and I succeeded and will go more times. This church had good daylight inside, (it gave a warm glow in the cold church) So no flash needed. The photo gave a good overview what abandoned means.
I gave it a little more color, because the churches are always very colorfull inside, but here the paint was almost disappeared.
In my camera bag
Just my camera, every day, where ever I go, just in case of....... Extra batteries and a cleaning tissue for the lens ( so much sandy dust here, especially in Summer, dry, dry, dry). And my glasses, I should never forget, otherwise I see nothing!
Visit less popular places ( non touristic). Find them in books and ask people in the surrounding about the area. They love to speak with foreigners and show you the most amazing places or tell you funny stories. Because they see not so much people who are not from their little village. Go off from the highway and get out of the car, just walk trough little streets and try to talk with people. Most of the times I do not make pictures of people, but to talk with them.... I like that very much, they trust you and guide you to interesting places to take photos

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