Tiffany Nacke

Tiffany Nacke
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EduardoRascon August 24, 2017

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Behind The Lens

In West Hempstead, Long Island in a 3 bay car repair facility that had been converted to a photo studio.
Earlier afternoon, but since it was indoors with studio strobes, does that really matter?
A big softbox to the right, literally an inch or two out of camera frame. To the left a smaller softbox a few feet away to create a slightly harder shadow.
Nikon D810 with a Sigma 85mm
Tiffany is hard. She has pale skin and dark features so she naturally has a hard contrasty look. When planning a shoot she doesn't engage in idle chit chat, she get's right to business. This just adds to her perceived hardness. Her visual beauty is stark and she can exude a sexual aura when she wants. Yet if you get to know her, she can be very soft, warm, feminine, empathetic and sexy (as opposed to sexual). I wanted to capture that stimulating softness in this shot.
Used MacPhun's Tonality Pro to convert to Black and White and deepen and soften the shadows.
In my camera bag
Aside from D810 I always make sure I have my Sigma 24-105 and 70-210. Those are my two "go to" lenses. Other than that, I carry tons and tons of gear, depending what I think I might need and wind up not using at least half of it!
Get the subject as close to the light source as possible without touching it to get the maximum softness. On the fill side, back off some distance. Otherwise, you will get a pleasing softness all the way around, but it makes for flat and boring light.

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