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mauriziogarbelli March 28, 2017
sarahlioral March 28, 2017
Thank you so much
JDLifeshots March 28, 2017
Beautiful shot! Congrats.
sarahlioral March 28, 2017
Thank you so much

Play Date?

If you have a toy to play with, you have a friend to play with the rest of your life.

If you have a toy to play with, you have a friend to play with the rest of your life.
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in the driveway/yard of the dogs owner. Just a little outside Lillehammer, Norway
I remember this day well. My car had to be fixed and the owner of the dog is a friend of mine, willing to help me out. But of course after work. We ate dinner and then we headed out. Since I only know enough to drive a car, I left the fixing up to the expert. Most of the time I bring my camera when I head out with my car. You never no, what you could see along the way. And since my Friend was fixing my car for free, I thought I could capture a great image of his dog while playing with his favorite toy. The time of shooting the image was after dinner, around 17:30 until it was to dark to take any more images.
The day was perfect for shooting. With the light clouds shading the sun, gave the surroundings a dim light, and the dog got a softness to his happy face. So all natural light, which I love.
This image was shot on a Nikon D5500 with a fixed 50mm lens. And of course the dogs favorite toy.
Give me a camera and an animal and I'm inspired enough. But I guess for this photo I was inspired to give something bak for a friend that helped me. And a good way to do that for someone who don't have a lot of portraits of his dog, is to make sure he gets some.
Not much, I used Lightroom to help me brighten a little up on the images since I thought it was a bit darker than I wish it was. And did a little other fine tuning/adjustment at the same time.
In my camera bag
Not much since I don't have much. My only Camera and my only lens along with some cleaning equipment, is always in my little camera bag. But on overnight hiking trips I also bring a long my tripod. Which I recommend to bring a long as a standard equipment. I just don't have a camera bag that fits for my tripod at the moment.
Dealing with animals as a photo subject, you never know what you'll get, so either way. Practice. With a dog playing I would always go for a little higher ISO even though I hate it. But you need it to compensate with the shutter speed and blender. Animals move a lot. If you want a image like this, where the dogs is quite still. I would drain the dog a little bit of energy with playtime first, they get a bit more focused after. Don't exhausted the dog, you still want the dog to have that playfulness in it's eyes.

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