embas November 06, 2017
Undertones of 'the girl with the pearl earring'
carltanner May 16
If they were real sapphires, there'd have been a security guard at your photo shoot!!

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Feb, 2017

but the eye

Portrait of beautiful fashion model closing eye with hand. Ear-rings, finger ring and necklace with big crystals. Fresh skin and natural makeup.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at my home in a small room of 18 m2. I often do photoshoot at home because you don't need too much free space to photograph full length portrait and for headshoot you need even less.
The idea is so simple but it is always working. A lot of photographers did jewelry photos, so the idea was in the air. The day before shooting I contacted my friend-owner of bijouterie shop and asked for some ear rings and finger rings. She send me by viber several photos of her shop-window with bijouterie samples and I choose blue bijou with big stones. After that I asked my lovely model to do blue manicure. We started shooting around midday and spent about an hour. As the result I had 4 good shots.
In fact it wasn't simple bijouterie photoshoot. I just purchased two "StrobiStrip" modifiers for off-camera flash and wanted to give them a try. So the set up was simple: two flashes with 30 sm "StrobiStrips" behind the mode's shoulders from left and right sides, one flash with beauty dish without grid above models head and silver reflector below.
Since 2014 I'm using Fujifilm mirrorless camera X-T1 (now I have X-H1). And for that shoot I took 50-140/2.8 lens. My flashes are all from Godox Inc.- two TT600 and two AD360.
As I already told it was the testing of light modifiers, that is why I didn't create any moodboard neither looked for some samples in internet. The idea came itself to my head - jewelry!
No matter what cool photographer you are, you must know what can be done on post. This helps you not to make mistakes which can take too much time to fix them on post. And I love retouching, so all my photos are totally made by me - from setting the light till final touch in Photoshop. I cleaned the face by technique called frequency separation and mixer brush and did colorgrading in curves. it is simple and it is working.
In my camera bag
Mirrorless camera lets me have small bag. After several month of testing lenses I select for my needs only 4: 10-24/4, 35/2, 50/2 and 90/2. But if I need some special lens for special conditions I rent them.
My advise is the following: do think about all details even small. Ask a Pro to do make up but not too bright and not diverting from main subject (in my case it is bijouterie). Think not only about poses but also think about emotions, ask your model to express feelings. I hope you agree that it is better to look at the portrait where you have eye-contact with model and can feel what she feels.

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