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It isn't all truth that you see.

It isn't all truth that you see.
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People's Choice in Winter Roads Photo Challenge
Peer Choice Award
Peer Award
davidthomas_4556 Benedictgarness sureshy davidcassatt helenehages Johnsalterego jeanlousauf +20
Absolute Masterpiece
Paul_Joslin JayneBug bobby69 Captzach CC1975 Wobbleslovesphotos brucesharock +8
Superb Composition
Pjerry angelennaholdsworth larryollivier vbkees.koelewijn801631 IMIKEMEDIA angelundercover ScruffB +7
Top Choice
thatunicorngal ArthurGCowan eelcovanroden timezone Plumauvent Rene-J-Photos kathrynsklenakdannay +6
Magnificent Capture
Hawk243 bevdavis FeatherstonePhotography JanHalls stevetrembly Reebee evandebelt +2
Outstanding Creativity
micHELL666 Moson natosed
Superior Skill

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Change Of Seasons Photo ContestTop 10 class
The Wonders of the World Photo ContestTop 10 class
The Wonders of the World Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Everything Nature Photo ContestTop 10 class
Everything Nature Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
ViewBug Photography AwardsTop 10 class
ViewBug Photography AwardsTop 10 class week 1
Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 19Top 10 class
We Love Animals Photo ContestTop 10 class
Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 19Top 10 class week 2
I Love Photography Photo ContestTop 10 class
I Love Photography Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
We Love Animals Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 19Top 10 class week 1


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mariannebesselsen March 26, 2017
Hij is echt prachtig Van harte XXX Marianne
mariannebesselsen December 30, 2017
en de winnaar is ...... Top
Just-Agnes January 16, 2018
Je hebt te vroeg gejuicht. ;-)
thunderlake Jan 13
Thank you for joining my Winter Roads challenge! Incredible image, Congratulations!
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden Jan 13
Gefeliciteerd, het is een prachtplaat!
JayneBug PRO+
JayneBug Jan 13
Magnificent! Congratulations.
LUsherLamacraft Premium
Awesome capture. :-)

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken In the in "Nationaal Park Sallandse Heuvelrug" on the Holterberg in Gelderland in the Netherlands. It's a national park where just one road, for traffic, is leading through for the rest it is actually more of a walking area. At that time was not able to walk for a longer period, so I was very happy that we could drive through. Nature is beautiful there in every season of the year. When we drove on that road, the sun came through the trees so nicely that I have hat to make a picture. So I took this picture strait true the front-window of our car. I have made this picture with the Nikon D 5000, semi-automatic in the sports stand. Then I didn't have to worry to much about some movement of the car and I used my arms as a kind of shock absorber. That means I hold the camera very loosely in the hand and try to absorb any shocks. The road was totally empty and I thought It would be a wonderful picture. But It wasn't! As a matter a fact it was a rather boring photo, nothing to see but sunshine and trees, a clean road and snow on the site. Nothing more nothing less. At home on my monitor I saw my mistake. But as someone who likes to photoshop, nothing is lost if you have got a basic good photo! I went to search on the stock photo sites that I am a member of. And it took not long, there he was...............a picture of the dear. Majestic, but the wrong way around and the light not fitting to the light of the sunbeams. So I turned the dear vertical and positioned him where I thought he really seemed able to stand. And after a bit of burn here and some and dodge there he looked very real to me. Infract he looked so real that some people didn't believe it is a photoshop. I don't hide my photoshopwork, I tell everyone who likes to hear it that I sometimes helps mother-nature a bit by making an image like it is something really different. I like to call myself a realistic photoshopper because fantasy is not my strongest point. I'll tried it some times, but in the end I always come back to my realistic photoshop.
It was on the19 January of 2017 at 12:49. Almost a bed time to take a picture because the light is very hard a specially with the snow around. But on the other hand a very good time because the sun stands not so high in the sky and that makes it a good time to make pictures of the sun coming true the trees. So to be honest for me there is no good or bad time to take picture. You just have to take some extras measures you can adjust your shutter-time or aperture or both but you also can take a filter if the light is to strong or get some extra light if it is to dark. There are so many possibility's.
The light was perfect.
For the technicians among us Nikon D 5000 / no tripod / no flash The light: 1/60 s bij f/8,0 ISO: 200 Focal lenght: 40,0 mm Lens: 18.0-55.0 mm f/3.5-5.6 Max aperture : f/5.3 Lens specifications: 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
The sun true the trees was perfect that day
Oh yes I did, I Photoshopped the dear because it did make the photo better then it was without the dear.
In my camera bag
My bag is not one, but two bags. In one there is my Nikon D 5000 (nicknamed Nicky) With a sigma 28/200mm at the time. In the other bag there you find my Nikon Coolpix L 820. For both camera's I do have a extra super ranox lens for when I am in the mood for macro. I also have a cookin set and two flashlights, one normal to mount on top or to us as a slave and one ringflash to mount in front of a lens. And tripods........., tripods in al flavours from ten centimetres until about 2 meters. Like a little pocket tripods and a gorillatripod. And last but not least a single-legged tripod. In our car there are always a tripod and a the single-legged tripod and under my seat there you find a beanbag. (Because you never know what is waiting for you out there. ;-)
Don't be afraid to make a picture better, but be honest about it. Editing is not a crime, photoshopping is not a crime. But to say a photo is real, if it's infect a photoshop, that is lying.

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