TracyDreyer September 14, 2017
Wonderful and expressive capture.
BessieV January 25, 2018
Original composition! Bravo!
kathyk_abq January 25, 2018
So expressive and fantastic light - wow!
Witmar January 26, 2018
good shot
jelenadjordjevic_4635 January 26, 2018
Adore this photo!!!
RiViCo February 15, 2018
Excellent shot, like the shading

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Feb, 2017

"Small Quiet Room"

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Behind The Lens

This is a composite of two images. The main shot I took in an old chateau in France. I was completely overwhelmed by the whole place, but this little room seemed calm and a little melancholy. The gorgeous owl I shoot while I was on a trip in Ireland. The title of the image comes from this quote by Cheryl Strayed: “Most things will be okay eventually, but not everything will be. Sometimes you'll put up a good fight and lose. Sometimes you'll hold on really hard and realize there is no choice but to let go. Acceptance is a small, quiet room.”
This room only had one small window so it was quite dark even though it was mid day. I shot this on a long exposure using a tripod. It was a beautiful barren room with only this old bed.
I tried to show this room as it was to the naked eye. I didn't want to change anything. The room was dark with only one light source of a small window, so it was very directional light. I tried to expose so that the shadows had enough detail. The bird was shot outside in overcast lighting, which is perfect for compositing, because the light doesn't have clear direction, which might clash with the other image.
This was shot with Canon 5d mk III and Canon 24-105 mm f4. I recently switched to Sony, but I loved my Canon.
This little room in the chateau really stood out to me. The whole place was amazing, but I loved this small quiet room. I had the image for a long time before I added the bird. As beautiful and sad as this room was to me it didn't tell a story until I added the bird.
The post processing of course included combining the two images. I also did some color work which I always love to do. That's my play time :) . I love to try different things and be creative. Color work is really important in telling a story and setting a mood.
In my camera bag
I love my Sigma art series lenses 35 mm f1.4 and 50 mm f1.4. If I don't want to carry a lot of gear for any reason I love my Canon 24-105mm f4 because it is really versatile. My current camera is Sony a7rIII.
I love composites, because your imagination is the limit! You can create other realities and worlds and not be confined by things like "what is possible" or "budget". I didn't originally have the finished image in mind when I shot the room. It was just interesting to me and in time the pieces found their place.

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