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Vixen van der Zee came over the other night and we played well together, as usual. Dark and contrasty series.

Vixen van der Zee came over the other night and we played well together, as usual. Dark and contrasty series.
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robosdelight February 09, 2018
Live this shot . ????
robosdelight February 09, 2018
Sorry I meant Love this shot ????????
robertwestinphotography February 09, 2018
Thanks :D
albertogiannese April 25, 2018
Great picture, man! The balaklava on implied nude is a great idea! I only wished you had allowed a little extra room over the head. Cool shot!
passionpursuit_pro June 07, 2018
Everybodies got a DARK side. Something like that comes in mind.
georgebennington June 23, 2018
This is so powerful
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Behind The Lens

This series was shot in my apartment. One of the challenges was getting Vixen's eyes to show. She's a fantastic muse and as we started to shoot we immediately knew we were getting some good shots.
Since we could control the lighting environment, we didn't really have to take the time into consideration. These were shot in the evening with very low ambient light.
I'm very much into KISS. As in Keep It Simple Stupid. So unless I know exactly what I'm after, I usually just start with one flash head. I used to go to my big beauty dish, but since I started to use the deep octas they have more or less completely replaced the big hunk o' metal BD. And now since they've recently released grids for them even more so, because the honey comb grid for my BD is awesome and would be the reason for me to use it over deep octa. Plain black paper background. When I shoot and feel I need another light source, I add one.. and so on.
Honestly I can't remember without looking at the exif. But I think this images is shot with my Canon 5D mark ii. And I'm pretty sure it's with a 24-70 2.8L because that's my go-to lens 80 % of the time. I already told you guys about elinchrom studio lighting and light shapers. I try to avoid tripods because they limit my creativity. I tend to use that mainly on commercial pictures such as clothing fashion.
I'm always looking for contrasts. Soft meets hard, cold meets warm etc. My amazing muse and wonderful model Vixen van der Zee always contributes to this as we almost always share the same views regarding art. Sometimes she comes up with great ideas that we put into a picture, and sometimes it's my ideas. This specific image was probably a result of some conversation we've had, making Vixen decide to bring the balaclava to this shoot.
There is very little post-processing done on this image. But I always do something, it is an important part of my process. I would guess that at least 90 % of my portraits/ppl-pics are post processed, even though in many cases it might be very subtle. In this image I spent a little time with eyes and lips to make them pop a little bit more, and I also made a color grade.
In my camera bag
If no special equipment/lenses are required for the job, I always have a Canon 5D and my trusty 24-70 mm with me. I usually pack a backup lens such as a 50 mm prime, or 100 mm prime. I have my speedlight w/ radiotransmitter, extra batteries and memory cards. And always bring a cleaning cloth.
As previously stated, you come a long way with a single light setup. Try to keep it simple and if you feel that you are lacking light/effect, add it on. Don't be afraid to get some shadows, they make the shape. Don't turn up the power on your heads to a ridiculous level, test the light vs. camera settings until you see a nice highlight and nice skin tones.

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