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davidparkhurst September 08, 2017
So very good
MarioHorvat September 08, 2017
Thank you David
httpjuls September 19, 2017
What a really nice photo!!!
I think it's perfect for my challenge, it's about food and all its flavours :)
Have a nice day
MarioHorvat September 19, 2017
Thank you
twilight65 September 28, 2017
yummy & beautiful!
Forrest_Imagery December 26, 2017
Well arranged, composed, lit and exposed.
MarioHorvat December 26, 2017
Thank you F_I
nancyb926 January 02, 2018
Great image
RamyDelariarte June 08, 2018
keepclicking Jan 10
Great image
odin1066 Jun 05
perfect lighting and shadow !!!






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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in friends garage. For this shooting we made improvised photo studio from bench and construction reflector. Bench was covered with black paper.
It was late evening but since we shoot in garage time is not important because garage was dark.
Wa are amateurs and haven't proper lightning. Improvised with strong yellow reflector borrowed from nearest construction site.
Camera used in this shooting is Canon EOS 70D. Lens is Sigma 18-200 3,5-5,6, tripod was made by Triopo. I also use wired remote triger from Canon.
My friend is butcher and asked for photos of his products for New year calendar. We prepare a lot of different meat plates with different backgrounds, compositions, and enjoyed preparing different food combinations.
For post processing I'm using Lightroom. At this photo I apply minimal light, contrast, darkness and saturation corrections. Crop was used for better rule of third positioning.
In my camera bag
In bag I'm always taking 17-50mm 2.8, 50mm 1.8, flash, rain cover, spare batteries and remote controller. Tripod is also one of things I always have with me no matter where I'm going. I also have small car toy which sometimes help me to create better composition or some special effect during city exploration.
Always be prepared to see something unusual in nature. Every moment is different so at same location You can take totally different photo.

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