Master Fuzzy

Fuzzy is always near.
So he is often photographed.
That's why he's often seen in my gallery.

Fuzzy is always near.
So he is often photographed.
That's why he's often seen in my gallery.
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People's Choice in Dog Portrait Photo Challenge
Peer Award
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Top Choice
douglasunger rachelhelenhudson snowbird16 shayw Baumhaus llowzz RavenHawk58 +4
Superb Composition
edwardlrose edrobson Linda49 denizen1 winnerslens31 davidsloan
Absolute Masterpiece
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All Star
VegaPolaris MERCEDESS onyanita Hood
Magnificent Capture

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5 Comments | Report
davidsloan February 07, 2017
Fuzzy looks a chilled out dog,great capture :>)
LookSee May 10, 2017
Thanks! :)
trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman May 10, 2017
Excellent people's choice award in dog portrait's challenge. Fuzzy is such a great looking guy
LookSee May 10, 2017
Thanks! :)
mauriziogarbelli May 10, 2017
LookSee May 10, 2017
Thanks! :)
LookSee May 10, 2017
Thanks, y'all for liking Fuzzy... He is one great dog in every sense, and I'm sure he'd want to say thanks by himself... it's only I'm not letting him use the computer!
Dogs have to be dogs, and it is for his own good! :)
rturnbow PRO+
rturnbow May 10, 2017
Nice image, congrats on the challenge win!
LookSee May 10, 2017
Thanks! :)

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Behind The Lens

Photo was made in my garden, where Fuzzy has found a nice place, out of February winds.
17:17:24 hrs...
Ambiental (daylight), and nothing else.
Camera was a Nikon P610, with no added gear (shot out of hand). Elements show exposure of 1/60 sec with f/5.3 at ISO200. Focal length was 32.2 mm...
Fuzzy is an adopted street dog of incredible intelligence, and his behavior prompts us to take photos of him almost daily. I could write a lot about this doggie... from the shy, scared stray that you couldn't approach to closer than 10 meters, to his first time ever that he was allowed to enter an actual house, to the way he learned almost instantly how to behave indoors, to describing such instances like when he cut his paw and allowed us to clean the wound as a matter of course... It really would deserve a book. So let me just say that he is an inspiration walking around us 24/7 - for full seven years now.
I didn't have to do anything save some cropping. Thus, it is "almost" SOOC.
In my camera bag
I'm not using a photo bag. I do have several, but I just use those to keep in the gear I'm not using. Otherwise I find a photo vest much more practical. Its pockets will contain two cameras (one of those a watertight P&S), spare batteries, several ND filters and a CPL, a camera clamp (easier to have along than a tripod), and also some generally useful things for eventual improvisations, Macgyver-style. There'll be a pocket knife, a length of paracord, a lighter... and for daily trips, there will also be a rain poncho, a sandwich or a bar of chocolate, and a water bottle. All those things are easier to carry in a photo vest pockets; these are also better organized in that way. Try it!
If you are fortunate enough to have an animal to keep you company, think of it as quality soul in a different body. Forget all the "nothing but instinct" stories! People which "own" animals can find myriads of situations worth photographing. Also,"owning" another being is quite wrong way to express it - you either decide to live closely to one another, or you just own a slave you do not understand. In that sense, adopted stray dogs should remain as free as can be, while you still manage to take good care of them. That way you both enjoy the best of both worlds. Have a camera readily at hand, watch and react. Take plenty of photos. And enjoy good company of one sincere soul in a different being. It is so rare nowadays as to be a genuine privilege.

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