Harley Quinn

Shooted on Akicon, Prague.

Shooted on Akicon, Prague.
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sallyG11 July 25, 2017
Very creative, wonderful DOF!
Mgraphy July 25, 2017
Thank you! Here is video, how I made this ----->
carlavanwagoner August 02, 2017
Wonderful - I have created a challenge featuring cosplay. Check it out -
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Behind The Lens

It was last few days with my old grandpa Canon 5D mk1. People invite me on Akicon (something like anime con in Prague, Czech Republic) and there was amazing cosplayer. She behaves just like Harley Quinn and taking photos with her was really funny!
it began to slowly dim, it was maybe 5pm. We must work little faster, because ISO on old Canon 5Dmk1 isn't good. But she was fantastic, steal hammer from other cosplayer and just enjoying her time, when she can be another person. Really funny and satisfaction to watch! 29.10. 2016, 5pm in Prague, Czech Republic
Lighting on place was noting special, anything about light I made in post-processing. You can watch Speed Art here:
SMILE and Ideas!!! That's the most important thing:) I use old Canon Eos 5D mk1 (you can buy it for 350$) and Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 I without IS.
Her roleplaying. It was so funny, she was crazy and doing much more craziest poses, I just taking photos and saing how she is amazing! Motivate your models, it help them and they don't be to shy ;)
On this photo I made lot of post-processing, dodge & burn, keying, play with colours... But you can see all things what I do here in timelapse!
In my camera bag
I normally use Canon 5Dmk3 and 70-200mm f/2.8. Now I looking for 24-70mm f/2.8 like much more better alternative than 28-135 from Canon. Seldom I use Sigma 50mm EX and CZJ Tessar 50mm f/2.8 (I love this vintage old lens!). I have still my lovely baby Canon 5Dmk1, but not that old like Canon 500N what i bought last week. And when I starting, I bought Soligor 28-200 f/3,5-5,3.
Don't look on other photos and trying make something like that, go with your way. I tried capture photos what someone take before and it was bad. Don't chose a egoist cosplayer, yea, she/he can have a nice cosplay, but when you find someone like Misha (cosplayer on my photo), with amazing skill in roleplaying, its more better, easer and FUN! Every good cosplayer must be good roleplayer too!! Try find someone enthusiastic. Really nice place for that is go on anime/comics con, on this were around 400 people and it was full of juicy content for photos. (For ViewBug: Thank you guys for doing challanges and much more! It's way how to show other how 16 old guy from small country with badly equipment can win challange and be really high ranked on photo contests. It's really motivating and I hope a ViewBug will grow more and more! Keep doing great job!)

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