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denisenewman February 07, 2017
This is a wonderful photo!
rixtportugal February 12, 2017
Thank you Denise, these are interesting places to visit and near where I live!
MIsabel March 20, 2017
Linda foto! Aliás, gosto de muitas outras. Obrigada por mostrar o nosso país, sobretudo o Alentejo, que adoro.
rixtportugal May 02, 2017
Thank you so much Isabel, muito obrigada. Eu vivo em Alentejo e eu gosto muito. Eu sou Holandesa. Obrigada!
lilianzuurendonkgrouls January 12, 2018
Prachtige foto Rixt.
rixtportugal January 13, 2018
Dank je Lilian, ik ben daar vorig jaar met een vriend geweest, ligt zo'n 15 km vanaf ons huis :D


A small medieval tunnel in the ancient fortification Marvão
A small medieval tunnel in the ancient fortification Marvão
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Behind The Lens

I live in Portugal and this picture is taken in the fortress of Marvão (high builded on a mountain for a good view what was comming in the surrounding) and near the Spanish border.
I had guest from The Nethetlands and this was the excelent moment to show him something spectacular. We went at noon, because a lot of corners are dark in this Medieval fortification. So we needed more light ( daylaight) to make pictures.
It is for me nice to start with dark and at the end of the picture one can see light. That is what I use often.
I am just an amature, it was a touristic trip, not special to make photos, but as my guest is also a photographer we took our simple camaras with us, not to have to many luggage to carry up to that mountain.
I love medieval places and here are enough of them in my surrounding. Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe with lots of history. One has just to choose. Those corridors in those villages, surrounded by walls, located on high mountains......I just try to imagine how it was is those times, children running around, old people chatting in the shadow "under the corridor". If walls could talk I should hear a lot of stories. That is why I like those corridors. This one we were passing under and I asked my guest to take some steps back so I could make this picture with excelent light inside, in front and at the end!
I gave the brown colors some more depth to get some more contrast, without everything that is light missing ( that is why I did not use contrast over all).
In my camera bag
Normally I take my Sony DSH-300 with me (always, even with shoppings, because one never knows) It's the only camera I have. A cleaning tissue for the lens, 4 extra batteries that are loaded and my pair of glasses. That's all!
When you like to picture people, go when it is high season in Summer. When you dislike people in the pictures( (like me) go out of season or very early in the morning or evening. Do not be afraid to stand in a strange angles just to get that image in your lens that you like/want. When you come home to see the results you will feel satisfied. Ask people friendly to go a bit more beside the object you like to picture, they will always do or even walk away so it becomes for you more easy to take that subject.

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