RachieBachie September 15, 2017
Wow! You need to tell the story about this one! How did it get there and does someone actually live in there? Did it crash there? Where abouts is this? XD
Janabi79 September 15, 2017
by drone ? which model ?
Kevin_Li January 03, 2018
dji phantom 3 4k
ChesapeakeG January 15, 2018
I'd love to live in an airplane! nice shot!
BessieV January 27, 2018
Great shot! It is perplexing and challenging to think how did it get there?
davidparkhurst January 27, 2018
Very good
user_of_names January 27, 2018
Damn... now I want to live in an airplane too...
Anomaly1 January 27, 2018
Interesting shot, Im wondering if there is a morgage on an Airplane !
jimdivine January 28, 2018
Great shot Kevin. Incredibly intriguing.
Sakkie February 03, 2018
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
Sakkie February 03, 2018
This plane was featured in a program all about unusual homes. The plane was delivered there by truck. Full story on internet. Very interesting. Nice photo
Sakkie February 03, 2018
There is another one in South Africa close to a place called Morgans Bay on the East coast.
Kevin_Li February 08, 2018
Thanks guys! I appreciate it.
Aleksander_Tomczuk February 08, 2018
What a Spot!!! Awesome...
Alfredo_Jose February 09, 2018
Wow, amazing!
Kevin_Li February 10, 2018
thank you!
Luptak February 12, 2018
Looks like it's a tu154 rusian plane. Cool shot i have to say. Where is it? If i could ask.
dar-ko March 02, 2018
nice photo tho...for the ppl who want to know more about it`s
youtube movie:::I live in an airplane
Pete_Rowbottom April 12, 2018
Quality shot, very original as well !!!!

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House in the Woods

Someone's dream of living in a home of an airplane.

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