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tidesend PRO+
tidesend June 29, 2018
Stunning shot. Love the texture of fallen tree and the way it leads your eye.
Alfredo_Jose PRO+
Alfredo_Jose June 30, 2018
Excellent shot!
Byronfairphotography PRO
Byronfairphotography June 30, 2018
Nice shot.
jfsmith1222 PRO+
jfsmith1222 July 03, 2018
Should be a textbook photo for landscape photography! Beautiful image and so evocative! Looking forward so much to your work.
Mama_gez PRO
Mama_gez July 03, 2018
Fantastic photo
JM18Photography PRO+
JM18Photography July 03, 2018
nbcaldwell2031 July 03, 2018
Lovely image! I like the contrast of the textures (sand, trees, grass) to the smooth silky water.
JasonTrikes July 03, 2018
Wow, fantastic shot! I would have loved to have been there.
tbee July 03, 2018
I can understand why it's a special place - it would be for me too!
terrywest July 03, 2018
Awesome capture and very well composed. You have used both the Rule of Thirds and leading lines to draw the viewer into the image. I want to look behind that log and to me, If I get that urge to walk into the image, it's a great image. Well Done.
The_Photo_Wave_Rat August 05, 2018
So good

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my home town of Barmera in South Australia. It's a truly special place for me and this is one of my favourite images, it embodies everything I feel about this location.
I remember heading out for this shoot a couple hours before sunset and I found this fallen branch, half buried in the sand and just knew that this was the place for me to sit and wait while the sun set over the lake.
I really wanted to showcase the moving clouds, they were perfectly heading towards me and the setting sun really shone across the water creating this satin sheen to the water.
This was shot on a Canon 70D using a 10-22mm lens. It was sitting on a Sirui tripod for stability while using NiSi filters to get that longer exposure.
When I headed out to find a position for sunset, I wanted to find a place that I could really take advantage of the light lapping waves on the sand. I had started to become disheartened about finding a composition and it seemed that the sunset wasn't going to light up the sky. Suddenly the wind picked up just slightly and blew away some of the clouds on the horizon and this ray of light just shone straight over the water and really highlighted this log laying on the sand. I'd found my spot.
Surprisingly there wasn't a lot of post processing needed for this image. The main manipulation that I had to do was brighten up the sand and the inside of the log. I had slightly underexposed the foreground because the sky was still slightly too bright, even when using my filters.
In my camera bag
I always always have my 10-22mm wide angle lens. My NiSi filter kit - a graduated filter, a 6 stop filter and a reverse graduated filter. A cleaning cloth is an absolute must to clean off any marks or water spray throughout a shoot. A remote shutter release and my Sirui carbon fibre tripod with ball head. For me it's important to use a carbon fibre tripod due to the amount of walking I do to find the perfect location, it is considerably lighter and easy to carry with me.
Capturing any waterscape image, it's important to have a good set of filters in your bag. I find that I really use my reverse graduated filter a lot with water as the graduation is at its strongest in the middle of the filter - this really helps tone down te brightness in the sky and across the water when the sun is close to the horizon. One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give to anyone, would be to try that different perspective, get down low and see what the composition has to offer as opposed to if you set up at knee height. I've found that some of my best images - my favourite images, are when I've set up the camera no more than a foot above the ground.

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