Reflexion in the water,Zaanse schans,Holland

Very calm weather in Holland is good for these kind of photo's.It is fun to visit the Zaanse schans all year around .It is one of the most populair attract...
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Very calm weather in Holland is good for these kind of photo's.It is fun to visit the Zaanse schans all year around .It is one of the most populair attractions close to Amsterdam .
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MERCEDESS January 11, 2019
Stunning shot
keepclicking January 11, 2019
Lovely picture

Behind The Lens

I made this photo at the Zaanse schans in Holland near Amsterdam . I have used a Natural Density filter to get more details in the clouds a 0.9 in this case . In this historical Dutch place there are a lot of old historical buildings and beautiful windmills . the windmills are stil working with enough wind. You can see them work also from the inside . Volunteers will tell you all about the history and make most of your visit here. You can eat also our favoriet pancakes and taste other typical Dutch sweets etc.. I have used the Google NIK software that you can download for free. I like the Color Efex pro 4 a lot . Take some time to find out what you like most and don't forget to enjoy this.
Early morning but with some clouds in the sky you can also get here some time later or in the evening ( golden hours is the best time for making the pictures)
I am trying to make sure that the white balance is alright using a polarization filter or a ND filter. I do not want a overexposed photo.
Canon 5Ds and 17-40 mm F4.0 Canon wideanglelens . With landscape photography I always use a tripod to prevent motion blur in the scene. with long-exposures it's fun to see motion in a working windmill for example .
I love clouds and the sky a lot. A clear blue sky is not so interesting for me. Clouds give me a more dynamic few on it all . More details . This windstil morning gave me something more to see in the water as well .
Google NIK collection , Color Efex pro 4. Detail extractor 15% and extra sharpness. HDR tool.
In my camera bag
Canon 5Ds ,M3 ,17-40mm F4 , 50mm F1.4, Sigma 150mm 2.8 , Sigma 150-600mm sport. Polfilters and ND filters: 0.6, 0.9 hard and soft grad, 1 to 6 and 10 stopper.
A tripod is very useful , self timer or remote , pol-filter or ND filters Before you go on a trip it is useful to have some information about the place you go. I use google maps a lot and look for pictures that professionals made in this area. It can give you some inspiration and to make most of your visit.

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