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Male Impala holds its ground!

We spotted this impala on a rise in an area still smoking after a fire. It may be staking its claim to the new growth that follows fire or it may just be a safe...
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We spotted this impala on a rise in an area still smoking after a fire. It may be staking its claim to the new growth that follows fire or it may just be a safe place to rest with clear views all around. Kruger park South Africa.
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Behind The Lens

This was taken on one of my Artist Photographer Guided Safaries in Kruger Park South Africa on a game drive out of Pretoriuskop Camp.
It was 8:45 AM
The blue-grey of smoke from the smoldering fires softened the background and added contrast to the morning light on the Impala. This lifts the Impala out of the background and gives the image an unambiguous focal point.
Photographed handheld using a Canon 7D and EF 100-400mm IS USM
There were a number of elements that made this a must take shot. The lighting and background made it different from the many shots I have of Impala in the dry or green bush of Africa. It also illustrates a narrative about how fire plays an integral part in the cycle of the African bush and the creatures within it. Fires started by lightning strikes clear patches of the bush of dry vegetation that is low in nutrition and returns nutrients to the soil. The thunderstorms also bring rain that can turn this grey landscape to green in just a few days. This male impala has staked his claim to what will be a green oasis that is attractive to females.
I do most of my post-processing using Lightroom and exporting to photoshop for specific tasks. In this case, I used only Lightroom. I cropped off about a third of the image placing the head of the impala coincidently at a rule of thirds focal point. Lightroom adjustments were: Exposure +0.24 Contrast +30 Shaddiws +22 Whits +34 blacks -5 Clarity +60 Sharpening 76 with Masked 79
In my camera bag
I am a Wildlife Artist and Photographer I chose the 7D for the extra magnification on the crop sensor. My carry on camera bag for travels weighs 14kg. It contains all my essential Camera gear including laptop, card reader, chargers, hard drives, cables, shoulder stock .... I am now shooting with a Canon 7D and 7D Mark11, 100-400 1:4.5-5.6 L IS 11 USM. & 24-105 1:4. There is marked improvement in image quality from the 7D and the earlier 100-400. The vast majority of my shots are taken with the 100-400.
Try to find a point of difference to make your images stand out. Great shots can be found in apparent devastation.

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