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A night at the Station

Oliver Cromwell at rest at Loughborough Station

Oliver Cromwell at rest at Loughborough Station
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Outstanding Creativity
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Superb Composition
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paulatchinson PRO
paulatchinson January 20, 2018
Excellent capture.
Uphollandlatic PRO+
Uphollandlatic November 25, 2018
I love the way you have created a vintage feel.
bobbytaylor71 Premium
bobbytaylor71 December 30, 2018
Outstanding skill and creativity ... Congrats on your award, well done.
paulatchinson PRO
paulatchinson Nov 17
Hi - this image would be a great entry for a challenge I have just created. Could you be persuaded to give it a go. Its ‘TRAVELLING AT NIGHT’.
The URL is
To enter Go to my Viewbug Page - click on my avatar image - click on the link to CHALLENGES, then CREATED and choose 'TRAVELLING AT NIGHT'.
I hope you enter and best of luck.

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