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Kamy forever

Kamy forever
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Hajek Jon-Crow

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Esalon PRO+
Esalon December 07, 2016
Amazing shot! Attention drawn by the drops of water in focus with a beautiful woman, out of focus, on the other side of glass door pulling your attention/emotions back. Thank you for a memory I'd long forgotten.
stephanemichaux December 08, 2016
I've very glad to bring you back good feelings. Thank you!
DutchTouch PRO+
DutchTouch December 08, 2016
Wonderful image Stephane!
ellenellen PRO+
ellenellen December 10, 2016
Beautiful shot, Stephane, Ellen
Treecy Premium
Treecy December 12, 2016
Very beautiful capture
murphey PRO
murphey December 12, 2016
Lovely !
Pablo-Klik PRO
Pablo-Klik December 13, 2016
GREAT SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
andrewlpaul PRO+
andrewlpaul December 14, 2016
Beautiful bokeh! Great composition. Love the movement with the water droplets.
SoulShutter December 15, 2016
Beautiful shot great textures and atmosphere...Best Wishes =0)
ianmillar December 15, 2016
I love this shows me so many different emotions. Awesome shot!!!
margaretgosiakossowski December 20, 2016
angeladignasbravin PRO
angeladignasbravin February 01, 2017
Hi Stéphane, I just saw that this lovely photo is amongst the finalists of the Image of the Month Photo Contest Vol. 17.....congratulations!
stephanemichaux February 02, 2017
Thank you Angela. Fingers crossed!
pietnel February 01, 2017
Awesome amazing shot
alvinpurificacion February 03, 2017
ADHPD5000A July 24, 2017
Is this photo taken on a mirroe.
stephanemichaux July 26, 2017
nope, through a glass panel
adavies PRO
adavies August 29, 2017
Great image! Nicely done! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my Make a Mess portrait challenge:)
adavies PRO
adavies November 20, 2017
Still love it... If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my Through the Looking Glass challenge:)
harmeetsingh February 05, 2019
DNproSTUDIO May 21, 2019
so nice shoot this girl

Behind The Lens

Well.. it's a shower.
Well.. it's a shower in a bathroom without windows so it doesn't matter.
In a tight space, a single speedlight hung high in a corner can do wonders. In that case a SB-900 strapped with a sock and slaved to my camera pop-up flash. Light is diffused through bed sheets.
Old broken D700 + 50mm 1.4 + SB-900 + sock +bed sheets +pegs
This is an old classic, done many times. It has to happen at some point or another, at least just for training. There are quite a few things to play with: focusing is critical with three elements to choose from; the pattern of the water drops can be tuned with the way the hose sprinkles water; and if using hot water, steam builds up quickly and brings an extra prop to the picture. Moreover: no way to liquefy anything in post with a checkered background.
Skin is out of focus so everything's smooth already. That pic mostly took a bit of colour work to balance everything even. Liquefying definitely not recommended.
In my camera bag
I thought of bringing a backpack to the bathroom but it wasn't really far since it was actually -my- bathroom so I decided I wouldn't need any backpack.
If you're using a pop-up flash as a commander for slaved speedlights and shooting straight at a window, deflect the light coming from the pop up flash so that it doesn't reflect in the glass. The pop up flash in commander mode isn't supposed to fire if set to "-" when the shutter opens but it does no matter what. On a D700 at least.

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