Poppy & Wheat

I love the things I used to encounter wandering around the fields.

I love the things I used to encounter wandering around the fields.
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ChrisHPhotos December 02, 2016
Excellent colour, simplicity and effect.
hybridfemme January 02, 2017
Thank you @ChrisHPhotos! :)

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in a field that used to be behind my brother's home. Had been staying with him a while when I moved back to the UK from Bulgaria. My youngest nephew had been noticing me taking myself on 'photography walks' every couple of days and wanted to join me for one.
This was probably around the middle of the afternoon in the middle of summer, absolutely beautiful day! Couple of clouds here and there, but otherwise a fantastic day for lights and shadows.
Honestly, nothing of particular note. It was just the right amount of light, at just the right moment.
The camera used was a Canon EOS 700D, and a Canon EF 75-300mm F4-5.6 III Lens. Nothing else.
I'd taken this purely as an example to my nephew, he'd asked how I 'edited' the background to be blurry as I took the photo and had to demonstrate that it wasn't 'edited'. It was a wonderful teaching moment with him in order to explain depth-of-field and how aperture works on a camera. It was a good few minutes before I got my camera back from him after that! But lovely getting to see his enthusiasm and curiosity for photography increase as he learnt new things about taking photographs. Going back through the photos I'd taken that day, it stuck out to me. Not just for the lovely moment shared with him, but because I adored seeing the colour contrast of a solitary poppy nestled amongst the wheat.
I like to avoid doing too much post-processing with my work. I like to take a photograph to immortalise a moment or a particular item. For me personally, I feel like if I take a photograph and then do too much post-processing - I end up creating a picture from a photograph instead of mildly emphasising what/how I see the photograph's subject. Don't get me wrong - I'm continuously in absolute awe as to the photo editting abilities of a lot of people in this industry. Just for me personally - I don't do much beyond a little sharpening and a little tweak of the colour.
In my camera bag
On any given day - I cannot leave the house without a camera in my bag (and no, my phone doesn't count - at least not for me). It literally feels like I've walked out of the house without my hand on the end of my arm. Typically I'll have my Canon EOS 700D (great camera, but not one that would break the bank to replace) with a Canon EF-S 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS Lens on the camera body, a Canon EF 75-300mm F4-5.6 III Lens, and maybe a couple of spare SD cards. I don't like to carry too much as I don't want to start over thinking a photograph and end up missing a moment because I was fussing with too much gear.
For digital users and film users, it sounds a cliche but... Be patient, and have fun! Honestly! Just, take your time. Whether its landscape photography, portrait photography, street, art, etc etc - theres always something else to see and/or notice. Don't be in too much of a rush to try and catch the 'next thing'. If you think that theres a certain time of day where the light will hit a certain location, person, point and THAT is the light and shadow that you're needing for it... make a note of the time of day and go back! Or better yet, make 'patience' your excuse to take a packed lunch/beverage, and go and spend the day at that spot. Play with all the different kinds of light and shadow at varying times of day. What may have looked cute and quirky in the midday sun, may take on a more romantic/surrealist/solemn tone as it hits dusk. Nothing will look the same at every hour of the day

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