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Model: Haylee L. - Infinity Management


Model: Haylee L. - Infinity Management

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Contest Finalist in Elegant or Casual Photo Contest
Contest Finalist in Sexy In Nature Photo Contest
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Contest Finalist in Elegance In Nature Photo Contest
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Elegant or Casual Photo ContestTop 20 class
Elegant or Casual Photo ContestTop 10 class week 2
Elegant or Casual Photo ContestTop 20 class week 1
Sexy In Nature Photo ContestTop 20 class
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The Female Form Photo ContestTop 30 class week 2


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alicedenhollander PRO
alicedenhollander February 07, 2017
tonyvasquez PRO+
tonyvasquez February 07, 2017
Traffic light and great shot!
emeraldgem47 February 15, 2017
Beautiful shot capturing the essence of the prairies while keeping the main focus on the young lady. Well done and congratulations on your win.
CODY307 Platinum
CODY307 June 16, 2017
Simply beautiful
mrfixit99 PRO+
mrfixit99 January 14, 2019
Stunner! Just grabs you. Perfect composition.

Behind The Lens

This was captured in the beautiful Wascana Valley Trails near Regina, Saskatchewan. This park is surrounded by farms (as you can see in the background of the photo) and boasts miles of nature walks.
Sunset in November. I wanted to capture natural glow of the end of day on the model.
Although I brought a reflector and flash along to the shoot, this particular shot was all natural light from the distant setting sun. The golden hour is perfect for this type of shot.
Handheld capture using a Nikon D810 and Nikkor 85mm f/1.4g lens. No filters.
I was photographing a series of models in my landscapes, connecting the human element to the scenery. In many cases I found the natural beauty of the model a perfect complement to the prairie landscape. Hayley (the model in the photo) has the perfect curves, elegance and beauty and I wanted to catch a few closer in photos of her with the light on her skin.
I did very little processing in this series. I slightly color toned the image (added some blue into the shadows) and sharpened the image a touch.
In my camera bag
For an outdoor model shoot I tend to stick to the 85mm focal length for most close ups. I like to switch to a 24-70mm for the wider shots. As this is outdoors on the windy prairie I take a very strong stand (for the flash) and shoot handheld (no tripod). In my bag I have an assortment of filters, spare batteries for flash and camera, cleaning equipment, remote flash triggers, and a reflector (I like the gold side for sunset shots).
This was shot during an unseasonably warm November - however it was still cold enough that we keep the shoot to an hour. Be prepared to shoot fast. Have your model use the light from the setting sun in as many angles as possible (silhouette, face into camera, light through clothing etc). Also, use a reflector or flash to get some light on the model when shooting directly toward the sun. I like to get low for most of these types of shots to give the model a bigger presence in the landscape and separate her head and body from the background more. Also, dress your model so there is more available skin to catch the warmth of the light.

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