Last question first maybe it's not a question about right or wrong but about emotional connection/s each individual has as part of their viewer DNA. For me on first question I really dig the variety range of photographic art you are exposing us too for the simple explanation as really good images provoke thought insight and inspire through self introspection ultimately leading to uplifting and satisfying experience. Summary enjoyed your photographic art tremendously! :-)
Thank you all very much. I really appreciate it.
kellumbear May 19
Beautify capture! Congratulations on your win!

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Nov, 2016


Let me start this post with one question: Do you ever think about how often do you do things that are out of your comfort zone? The few of you who are familiar with my work know that I don’t tend to fit in one style of photography. I find that while not shooting and editing in just one style I tend to work better and get more ideas that way. There is a ton of people who will disagree with this philosophy, but I personally like it. My work is more a collection of different feelings from different moments rather than a collection of landscape-cityscape, BW-Color, color theme, editing style etc. photos. So let me now finish the post with one more question: What do you think about it, right or wrong?
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Won Honorable Mention in Street Art Photo ContestMay, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Epic Puddles Photo ContestAugust, 2017


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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my hometown Chicago while I was roaming the city looking for some interesting shots.
It was taken sometime around noon.
I wanted to have some light to shine on this hallway, it is an underground passage with the art on the end wall and the only way you get some light is with the mid noon sun.
At the time I was using my Sony A7rII and the 24-70mm Zeiss glass with my Really Right Stuff TFA-01 small tri-pod and bread crumbs to atract the birds.
I love incorporating existing art into my own work as a side personal project. Instead of just shooting the street art in Chicago I like to incorporate some other elements (people, animals, movement) and make something different out of it.
It was a simple black and white convertion in lightroom with some contrast, sharpening and grain added. After that I layered 3 exposures in PS to get a few more birds in.
In my camera bag
Right now I have the Sony A7rIII and Fuji X-Pro2 with some native glass.
My art making process always start with an idea and scouting first. For this shot after I set up the frame I brought those bread crumbs trying to catch pigeons attention, it took me well over an hour to capture the frame. Patience is a big part of the process too.

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