The Poppy

"Why are they selling poppies mummy , selling poppies in town today ?" "The poppies my child , are flowers of love for the men who marched away !...
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"Why are they selling poppies mummy , selling poppies in town today ?" "The poppies my child , are flowers of love for the men who marched away !" "But why have they chosen a poppy mummy, why not a beautiful rose ?" "Because my child, men fought and died in the fields where the poppy grows " "But why are the poppies red mummy why are the poppies so red ?" "Red is the colour of blood my child, the blood our soldiers shed". "The heart of the poppy is black mummy , why does it have to be so black ?" "Black my child is the symbol of grief for the men that never came back?" "But mummy , why are you crying so ?" your tears are giving me pain ", "My tears are my fears for you my child. for the world is forgetting once again".
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trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman November 10, 2016
This brings tears to my eyes....beautiful Sis!
AmandaJayne November 10, 2016
I know what you mean sis it's that last line.
Bdubois PRO
Bdubois November 10, 2016
Thank you so much! My Dad was a SEABEE in Korea, WWII, and Vietnam. I am a proud member of the American Legion Auxiliary. ????God Bless The United States of America????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
AmandaJayne November 10, 2016
you are very welcome bdubois :)
larrywelch PRO
larrywelch November 11, 2016
Beautiful! Today in America many of the restaurants are giving free meals to veterans! I have a favorite restaurant picked out! Love the snap! :)
AmandaJayne November 11, 2016
Thank you Larry enjoy your meal :)
sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 November 16, 2016
Very heartfelt shot!! シ
AmandaJayne November 16, 2016
Thank you Mel rememberance day means so much to me .
chuckrickman Premium
chuckrickman November 18, 2016
Brings tears to my old eyes too. Thanks for posting this my friend.

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