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Life is hard, but I am way harder on myself than life could ever be. I like to imagine that we build our own "houses", our foundation with how ...
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Life is hard, but I am way harder on myself than life could ever be. I like to imagine that we build our own "houses", our foundation with how we see ourselves and our safe place when the world is to much. It is the building blocks for who we project to everyone. Unfortunately some of us started our foundations with words that were never meant to help. The foundations were started with those who had their own cracked foundations. No matter how much is built the words remain etched in the basement of our core. Trying to replace them with fake smiles and people pleasing just seems to set them loose like bouncy balls that tear through our house like a wrecking ball. Breaking us as the words become our self sabotaging prophecy. Its a defeating cycle of self abuse. Remember these things:

1. You are worthy!
You are so worthy of your love. I have a dear friend who has always tried to help me see myself the way she does and I will forever be grateful for a love that fierce. So if you have this support know its not lip service. If you don't please let me be that person. You are a being created of love and for love. I love you because exist and that in itself is amazing.

2. There is a season for everything.
You are not alone! At some point everyone has doubted themselves, put themselves down and tore themselves apart. I know I have, and still do every now and then. Sometimes its hard to get past what we feel because we are only looking at the issues in front of us, which can make it so difficult to grow and move forward. This too will pass, and what is learned will help make the next hurdle easier to get over.

Finally this.

3. Don't let fear win.
Nobody will love you like you can love yourself. I feel so strongly feel that what we believe we create. Negative energy will only draw the negative closer and fear is a sadistic mistress. It tricks us into believing the lies we tell ourselves, and keeps whispering them in the darkest parts of us when we are alone. Fear holds us back cemented in the lies and anxiety of possible failure as we strive to be the person we want to become. . Thinking positive doesn't mean you ignore problems that need to be faced. It just means that you have hope. I know that sounds cliche but keep moving toward your goal and stay positive. There is no circumstance, worldly or self inflicted that is bigger than hope. Hope is the anchor that keeps our house from destruction that life's tornados create.

“Be mindful of your self-talk. It is a conversation with the universe. You are a being, full of infinite possibilities! Focus your mind with positivity and you will have dictated the direction of your journey, your soul and your being, cascading in infinite abundance.”
~Angie Karan

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