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Hiding in the long grass ,I waited for this female White tailed deer to go by me but the sound of the shutter brought her closer and closer ,then she decided I...
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Hiding in the long grass ,I waited for this female White tailed deer to go by me but the sound of the shutter brought her closer and closer ,then she decided I was not supposed to be there and left in a hurry ,this is not the first time I have managed to draw deer in with the sound of the camera shutter. Rogers Conservation Area ,Newmarket ,Ontario .
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Behind The Lens

This photograph was taken in Rogers Conservation area just north of Newmarket ,Ontario
I had been attempting to coax a male Song Sparrow to come close enough for shot but it wasn't going well at all ,looking at my watch I saw it was 5.15 in the afternoon ,moving away from the camera I walked about forty feet around a big bush to see if anything else was going on, as I came out into the open area I saw this doe at the same time she saw me .At this point I froze and watched her ( I was dressed in a camouflage Ghillie suit) . After a few seconds she put her head down and I dropped to the ground and crawled back to the camera .I then moved the camera and tripod forward until I coud just see her around the bushes ,and I set up and waited.
The light was perfect for nature photography ,somewhat overcast which was great ,no harsh shadows to be concerned about ,and as it happened the very light breeze was also in my favour blowing to me .
The camera used was a Canon 7D and a Canon 500mm f4 telephoto , a Gitzo Carbon fibre tripod and a Wimberly MkII panning head .
As the doe moved along feeding I began taking shots of her and at a certain point she started picking up the sounds of the shutter bursts , the noise of the shutter was arousing her curiosity and she turn off her feeding course and came towards me closer and closer , to the point I was getting head and shoulder shots in the viewfinder ,eventually she figured something was amiss and dashed off. This is not the first time the sound of the camera shutter has brought a deer in for a closer look.
Very little processing was involved ,exposure adjustments ,sharpening and some cropping ,that's about all that was needed.
In my camera bag
I backpack my kit into locations, this allows me to get to some of the less frequented areas . In the pack I carry a Canon 7D camera body , 500mm f4 telephoto lens and a Canon 1.4 converter ,a rain cover for the body and lens ,lens cleaning kit ,camouflage netting for lens and tripod , and a bottle of water .Bug repellent is a must . Spare batteries , small speaker , speaker cord ,and a CD player and discs with Stokes bird songs ,to attract birds .
The light and wind were both favorable , I would suggest patience but in this case boredom got the better of me and of course the unexpected happened . A couple of things worked for me , the ghillie suit helped hide the human form in the long grass ,and freezing when she first spotted me ,and using patience to wait until she decided I was not a threat and she put her head down again to feed which allowed me to duck down and get back to the camera . Being in the right place at the right time helped a lot too .

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