Katnott Jan 11
awwww poor kittens. great pic
Thank you!
grumppybun Mar 15
3 brave meawskateers. Such a gorgeous shot of some unfortunate kittys exposure looks petfect.
Thank you very much!
Good one

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Oct, 2016

Church Kittens

I was recently in Greece on the island of Corfu. I was taken to a little church far above sea level. When I came to the entrance of the little church I found these three adorable little kittens sitting on the stone steps enjoying the sunlight. Two of them looked a bit sick and I would have loved to have taken them home but it seemed the other cats around the church were looked after so I am hoping for the best for these three little guys.

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Behind The Lens

My wife and I were vacationing in Greece on the island of Corfu. This was taken in a beautiful monastery at the top of a small mountain overlooking the sea. We came up to the entrance of the monastery which opened up to a stone stairway with potted plants everywhere. In the middle of it all were these three adorable little guys.
It was early afternoon and there was this beautiful light shining down on the three kittens.
I really had no say in the lighting. I had to take it as it was. I came upon this scene with slices of bright early afternoon sunlight cutting through the trees and hedges and figured I had seconds to capture it before the kittens moved and I lost the image forever. I had my landscape lens on and would have loved to have changed it but I figured I would have missed this shot if I took the time to do it.
Sony a7r. No tripod, didn't have time but there was bright light so there was some good shutter speed. The lens was a 16-35 mm zeiss.
I unexpectedly fell upon this scene and knew immediately it would make a great shot.
I usually try to do as little post processing as possible but that can vary from photo to photo. I wanted to stay as true as possible to the feel and atmosphere of what I was experiencing. I processed the raw photo with Capture One and then used Photoshop to fine tune some details.
In my camera bag
Sony a7r, 16-35 mm Zeiss lens, 55mm zeiss lens, 70-300mm Sony G series
I usually like to anticipate if I need to set my camera for images that are moving or set it more based upon lighting conditions. In this case I was outside and it was a great sunny day so there was no worry about getting enough light so I set the ISO at 100 aperture 8.0 and left the shutter speed on auto knowing that I would get a fast shutter speed because of the bright light.

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