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xyxy78i November 01, 2016
Lovely!! Welcome to viewbug????????
Bazz PRO+
Bazz November 01, 2016
Fabulous capture!
wildpainter Premium
wildpainter November 01, 2016
Great shot!
Darren-Smith November 01, 2016
Great Capture,welcome to Viewbug
Motherhen2k November 02, 2016
Awesome capture! Welcome to ViewBug!
Jillybean56 November 02, 2016
Stunning shot. Welcome to Viewbug!
matej007 November 02, 2016
Great shot
laurenkaymyers Premium
laurenkaymyers November 02, 2016
I love owls and I LOVE this photo. Great capture. Welcome to Viewbug.
marjoriebertelsoncearley PRO
marjoriebertelsoncearley November 02, 2016
He's absolutely beautiful! One of the most perfect owl captures ever!
Kimtography PRO+
Kimtography November 05, 2016
Breathtakingly gorgeous,great capture. Welcome :)
DNproSTUDIO May 07
very nice shoot for this owl

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Behind The Lens

The photograph was taken in Andover, Hampshire UK. I was walking through a nature trail. I always have my camera with me and enjoy experimenting with different settings in an attempt to try and capture a good image. I was lucky to see and capture the owl.
It had been a rainy day but this was taken just before dusk when the clouds cleared and the light improved.
The lighting was surreal as the day had been overcast, dull and rainy. This all changed quickly when the clouds cleared, the temperature dropped and the light improved. It was crisp and through some great shadows.
I used my canon 5d with a 70-200mm lens. It was hand held, no flash.
I love taking wildlife pictures and this was siuch an opportunity that could not be missed. It was a lover in about 2 minutes. I had been shooting similar scenes so the camera was set up and ready to go which was very fortunate. I took several shots before the owl was off hunting I guess for an evening meal.
Very simple and minimalist post processing. Cropped tight into the bird and increased shadows a little.
In my camera bag
Canon 5d with a 20-110mm and 70-200mm lens. I find these lenses are very versatile and allows me to shoot most situations when walking.
The first thing is to get and and shoot! Be observant as I could have easily have missed this shot. Always be looking around and listening to the sounds around you. Be ready to take quick shots by taking a test shot and getting your setting right. Be patient!

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