Wedding "Selfie"

The bride and groom are shot in a "selfie" style photo.

The bride and groom are shot in a "selfie" style photo.
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sweetpea72 February 04, 2017
Love this!

Behind The Lens

This was taken for a long time friends wedding in Salt Lake City, Utah. Despite the months of planning and chaos even on the day of the wedding, both the bride and groom were just so thrilled to finally tie the knot that nothing could contain them from sharing a kiss together.
This was taken immediately after their wedding ceremony. There was still so much love in the air and the connection between these two is indescribable.
The bride is a huge Disney fan and has since become an influencer who covers all things Disney. For this shot I wanted to capture that magical lighting right at golden hour when the sun fell behind the trees and the colors really popped. I avoided any artificial lights for this as I wanted the mood to feel as natural and organic as a selfie style photo would be.
This was shot on a Canon 7D with a 17-40mm F4 lens. This was hand held while I stood atop a chair. I had both the bride and groom reach out to the sides of my camera as if they both were helping capture their selfie shot together.
They have both been long time friends of mine however, neither of them ever met one another until the groom had moved to California. While there he had searched Instagram hashtags and came across a tag of hers that he had commented on. After a few DM's they eventually met up and it was all uphill from there. I was fortunate enough to see two of my friends come together and even more fortunate to capture their marriage.I remember composing this shot on a whim knowing how they both met, I though the selfie style portrait really told their story in the best possible way.
Aside from small contrast and color adjustments I try to keep my post processing to as minimal as possible. I like to create dynamic images that pop with color and so much of that can be created under the right lighting conditions. Even under the best lighting I still like to give each image that little extra push for vibrance to really bring it to life while bending the S-Curve slightly to create a nice velvety dreamy look.
In my camera bag
When on a wedding shoot I typically will come equipped with all the basics: main camera, back-up camera, every length of lens from 17mm to 200mm with at least 1 wide angle, 1 telephoto and a standard portrait lens (my current favorites being a 35mm or a 85 mm). In addition to that I keep backups of batteries, battery packs, strobes (+stands etc. for late night dance shots), 2 off camera flashes and minor cleaning gear. Lately, I have challenged myself to minimize my gear as a way to force more creative approaches to my work. Trying to stick to a single lens during a shoot can present challenges but also push me to find creative solutions to the types of shots I wish to capture.
While the overall composition is nothing new (selfies have been around since the age of MySpace), this particular shot was very meaningful to the bride and groom as the selfie style is most commonly associated with social media and more importantly the platform that they were first introduced to one another. I would say that its important to understand your bride and groom and to place them in poses that they are most comfortable with. Looking at one another or off camera can help produce a more relaxed and organic response that doesnt feel forced. There are plenty of ways that similar shots could be recreated using this composition. Utilizing a wide angle lens is key to mimicking a phone's camera but overall just have fun with it and diffuse the tension by acknowledging the silliness of the whole thing. People will surprise you if you let them.

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