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jackietoumazou October 15, 2016
Very nice kevin and love the words ,
KevinGPhotography October 15, 2016
Thank you Jackie :)
naveenshajan October 16, 2016
Nice pic
KevinGPhotography October 16, 2016
Thank you
AmandaJayne October 16, 2016
A mothers hand the one that holds you tight , or smacks your arse , I know which one I preferred
KevinGPhotography October 16, 2016
Lol, Thank you Amanda
Daisy00 October 16, 2016
awww you have captured such a moment in this lovely photograph Kevin!!
KevinGPhotography October 16, 2016
Thank you Daisy :)
mihrt October 16, 2016
excellent shot and processing. This is such an emotional shot - if one really looks at the interaction that is going on - seems so simple yet it is the centre of the child's life - the one she trusts - I loved feeling my children's little hands in mine.
KevinGPhotography October 17, 2016
Thank you Gail :)
murphey November 02, 2016
Darling Capture !
KevinGPhotography November 02, 2016
Thank you Murphey
jackietoumazou November 24, 2016
congratulations Kevin on winning lovely shot :)
KevinGPhotography November 24, 2016
Thank you Jackie
Hulya December 17, 2016
I love this :)
KevinGPhotography December 17, 2016
Thank you
adriansart December 19, 2016
A lovely photo Kevin I like the idea that you can just see the side of their faces!
KevinGPhotography December 19, 2016
Thank you so much Adrian
tongant January 06, 2017
A fantastic shot Kevin, works so good in b/w!
KevinGPhotography January 06, 2017
Thank you
Bernard3616 March 05, 2017
Beautiful picture!
KevinGPhotography March 05, 2017
Thank you so much Bernard
enginatez March 11, 2017
I would call the award for this photo also Simply Good!
KevinGPhotography March 11, 2017
Thank you so much
martincraigjones March 27, 2017
Wonderful image, please consider joining my challenge: https://
KevinGPhotography March 27, 2017
Thank you and I will
adavies May 31, 2017
So sweet...great title! Nicely done! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my Random Acts challenge:)
KevinGPhotography May 31, 2017
Thank you Allison, yes I will
AngelLappmarkSe November 15, 2017
From behind. An surprising choice. The black and white is beautiful and gives rich details. Thank you for sharing this image and participating in my challenge Surprise me. Greetz from Angel Lappmark Sweden.
KevinGPhotography November 18, 2017
Thank you so much
bettyhabesch January 06, 2018
Fabulous shot, thanks for joining my challenge!
KevinGPhotography January 06, 2018
You're welcome and thank you
eelcovanroden July 25, 2018
Congratulations on your Challenge Award!
KevinGPhotography July 25, 2018
Thank you so much Eelco
Thank you so much

A Mothers Hand

A mothers hand

A mothers hand

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