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AstridWevers October 14, 2016
Ohwwww wauw, what a beauty!!
adriansart October 14, 2016
What a gorgeous expression Sammy is a star!!
Treecy October 26, 2016
Your dog photos are superb
JazzyS October 28, 2016
Beautifully done, fantastic oil painting effect!
taurfoto October 29, 2016
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
taurfoto October 29, 2016
Adorable :-)
jpele October 30, 2016
Very cute!
Steve_Thomas October 30, 2016
What a wonderful face!
Alphena November 02, 2016
Falling in love with the puppies
twhamill February 09, 2018
Magnificent capture! I am glad your sister encouraged you to share your photos. Your shots are great.
critique February 28, 2018
Marvelous captures of the expressions of these dogs, exceptionally wonderful composition in every case, and technical perfection in every one of them. Great work. The creativity puts your dog portraits above all I've seen.

Sammy Stuck

While putting his head through the fence, my puppy was staring at me with his head titled. When he 'righted' his head, he found he was stuck and coul...
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While putting his head through the fence, my puppy was staring at me with his head titled. When he 'righted' his head, he found he was stuck and couldn't move. His look is one of, "Get me out of here!".
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Behind The Lens

This picture was taken soon after I brought this little guy, Sammy, home from a breeder in North Carolina.
It was around noon.
Because I didn't have a good camera at the time, lighting was everything! It was lunchtime when this picture was taken so the sun was bright.
This picture proves that you don't need expensive equipment to get a decent photo! I bought the most inexpensive digital camera I could find. I can't even tell you the make or the model number. Because I'm a sucker for puppies, I had it with me in my pocket at all times when my dogs were younger. Invariably they would do something funny and I wanted to be sure to capture the moments. This picture was a quick point and shoot.
I had just picked up Sammy from the breeder and brought him home. After playing nonstop, I thought he was sound asleep in the house. While gardening, I heard this whimpering sound and looked up. There was Sammy stuck in the railing! You know how dogs will cock their heads to one side when they're trying to figure something out? Sammy must have tilted his head while at the same time putting his head through the railing to get a better look at what I was doing. When he righted himself, he was stuck! You can tell by the way his one ear is folded over that he had been trying to get free but couldn't. Of course I had to capture the moment for posterity before I rescued him! lol
Because I had an inexpensive camera, I had to sharpen the image a bit. There were a lot of items stacked up on the deck behind Sammy that took away from the photo so I used the brush tool in photoshop and simply painted them away.
In my camera bag
When I took this picture I was running an organization for dogs with cancer and didn't have time for a hobby. Unfortunately cancer doesn't punch a time clock so I only had my inexpensive 'point and shoot' camera to capture any moments I could. My love for photography happened in a unique way after I took this picture. Sammy's sister, Lilly, was diagnosed with a particularly bad strain of cancer. They wanted me to amputate her leg but I refused because she's low to the ground and it was her front leg. Dog normally carry between 60 to 80% of their weight on their front legs. Instead Lilly had to undergo 18 days of radiation to see if we could get the tumor. When radiation is administered to a dog, he or she needs to undergo anesthesia each and every time. I lost a dog to anesthesia so I was a basket case. Instead of sitting in the waiting room suffering from worry, I decided to try to find beauty. I spent the time walking in a botanical garden. I had never really looked at a flower before! Sure, I saw them in gardens and in arrangements but through my photo camera lens I realized what architectural wonders they were! I created a treasure hunt for myself. Every day I picked a flower and photographed it from every angle. The result was a photo journal of flowers I titled, "18 Days of Radiation, A Treasure Hunt". I put many of the photos on here, the first one being, "Gorgeous Orchid". All the flower photos on here that have a black background were in the journal. You can see Lilly in, "A Painted Photograph". My love of taking pictures of flowers has flourished ever since that first photo!
Yes! You don't need a fancy camera to get a good picture! Equipment helps but the truth is it doesn't make or break a photo. The most important thing you need is lighting. You can purchase an inexpensive spot light at a hardware store to help illuminate any subject you're photographing inside and be sure to use the sunlight to your advantage to get a good outside picture.

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