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Natural beauty

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Contest Finalist in People And Water Photo Contest 2017
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BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb October 27, 2016
amazing shot
Bipz-Photography November 24, 2016
great work !!!
trevorevans November 24, 2016
Beautiful, she did well to stay so balanced, lovely pose, reflection and composition, well done both of you, well worth the effort.
pietnel November 24, 2016
Wow amazing shot
bobvandervliet April 05, 2017
Perfect reflections and mirror view! Model is breathtaking beautiful.
Lesabre1954 Platinum
Lesabre1954 May 27, 2017
This photo is well composed and captured. It is quite evident that a lot of time and effort was put into this shot. Well done!
bevrichard June 06, 2017
Eduardbetz Platinum
Eduardbetz June 06, 2017
Fantastic !
trishall72 July 24, 2017
Hydraulic_Designs October 30, 2017
Just WOW
Neckbone March 22, 2018
Amazing shot, neck strength and balance. A lot nicer than a turtle too! Well done!
JayCeeBee April 13, 2018
This is a corker of this style and genre of these types of images. Another one of those Viktoria, Kate or Fry session puzzlers. I hope you would add the model's name in your descriptions in future.
Steve_Cottrill December 06, 2021
Bravo! Simply beautiful!
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Behind The Lens


This picture was taken at a beautiful hidden spot along the rhine river in the canton of Schaffhausen | Switzerland.


It was around p.m. in late summer time so we had some nice natural light and it gave a beautiful reflection


I knew this spot and knew around what time of the day i have the light i wanted for this shot. I think this is the most important point in doiing natural light pictures. You need to learn to see which light you can use for different moods and start playing arround with it.


I worked with a canon mark iii and used the canon 50mm 1.4 at 1/160 f2.5. And an assistant gave her a little extra light with an reflector (white side) i wanted to create a nice reflection and let her transfer a feeling of silent and peace within nature.


I know this spot for a long time, and since i started to photograph i knew i like to take this picture. So it was the right time for it


I did some post process with photoshop. Working out colours, contrast and lightning details with gradiatinon curves and dodge and burn without going to much into detail.

In my camera bag

What you always always find in my bag is the canon 50mm 1.4. I love how it plays with light and its bokeh is perfect for portraits. The other stuff in my bag depends on what i'm up to. For portraits theres for sure the 100mm macro 2.8 and the 70-200 mm 2.8. The 100mm because its so sharp, you'll love it. And the 70-200mm to play arround and its bokeh and sharpness are just fun. If I go out for landscape or nature pictures i change the 70-200mm with the 24mm sigma art. I'm not a big landscape photographer but the sigma is great and its not to expensive for having it as additional lense


I always know the spots i want to shoot for special projects. If you plan bigger things i think thats a must do. For other shoots i just look arround and seatch for spots with interesting details, moods or lights. I always take care that my model feel comfortable which is important for pictures who should look natural

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