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Oct, 2016

In The Glow Of The Long Setting Sun

Route 1, or Ring Road, has many scenes with fantastic beauty. When I saw how the sun was illuminating this mountain and the beautiful meadow of lupines, I immediately pulled over and set up my camera. The beautiful lighting went away, but I thought I would remain there, hopeful that the clouds would part and this would be cast in a beautiful, buttery glow again. The golden hour. And thankfully, that happened. Most of the time I was in Iceland, it was overcast. But at this moment, magic occurred. And when these moments occur, I want to give it a big giant hug and a kiss and savor it.

Throughout Iceland, there were many beautiful fields of lupine, whether here in the south part of Iceland or in the Westfjords. Being from California, this made me feel quite at home. Nikon D610/Nikkor 28-300mm. 1s f/8 ISO 100.

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