olivia_labella October 12, 2016
WOW! This shot is so beautiful.

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Sep, 2016

Guardsmans Pass Sunset

Sunset from Guardsamans Pass up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Lisa and I went up the canyon Sunday for sunset. We literally missed the sunset by 1-2 minutes (we could see the terminus line 50 feet up the hill from us!), but it works well without the sun, too....

Nikon D500 f11 3" 18mm

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Behind The Lens

This was taken from a back road up near the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon that sneaks over the hill into the back of Park City.As soon as it starts snowing, they close the road for the winter. Its a favorite location of mine because there is so much to see there, so many views, and so many different small places....
This was sunset, which this time of year is prolly 5:30 or so...
I did NOTHING- not that I could have! This was all natural.
This is a timed exposure, so I had to use a tripod and a remote trigger. I used my wide angle zoom, and chose a mid-f-stop and low ISO for maximum sharpness. I set those where I wanted (ISO 50 and f/11) and let the time fall wherever, which turned out to be three seconds.
First snow of the season, and I knew the colors where there, so as soon as I got off work I just started up the hill. My wife, my muse, went with me. But it was cold, so she stayed in the car
This is a "HDR" sort of image.... I say that in quotes cuz I don't actually use HDR software, but I do combine multiple exposures. I strip in the various elements- the sky, the foregrounds, the middle, and get them all at what I think it the appropriate levels for each other. I think I had a bit of a struggle with verticals on this, because of the wide-angle lens distortion on the trees- that REALLY bothered me!
In my camera bag
Super simple! a 70-200, a 35 and 50 1.8, and a 10-24 zoom. Flash, filters, remote, cleaners and I am good to go!
GET OUT! I know it's cold, I know you want to sleep in- we all do. But if you want incredible landscapes, you are gonna have to work for them. I have a couple head lamps, so I can hike miles in the dark to get to a location. Also, think depth.

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