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Sep, 2016


A very good friend of mine let me take this shot when we last met up.

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Edinburgh, a friend and I had been over for a Photography trip and my other friend had traveled up to meet us. I took this photo as we all said goodbye to each other before getting the bus to catch the ferry home.
From what I remember this was taken at about 10 in the morning.
The lighting was perfect for this shot as it was a warm day but a little bit of cloud cover softened the light.
This was shot on my first DSLR a Canon 550D with a 50mm prime.
I had been trying to get a good portrait of my friend all weekend but I wasn’t happy with any of them. As we where leaving I asked him if I could get one more shot and this is that photo. He just has lots a character and that’s what I was trying to capture.
I converted the photo to black and white, used a radial filter in light room to make him stand out from the background. I then imported into Photoshop and done some dodge and burn and sharpened the image and added contrast and clarity.
In my camera bag
My camer bag has changed a lot since this image was taken! I am currently shooting with a Nikon D750, in my bag I always have a 50mm,24-70mm and my 70-20mm. I have pretty much everything covered with these 3 lenses. I also carry my tripod,extra batteries,pocket reflector and a speed light.
The only advice I can suggest for this type of image is just look for how the light is hitting the face, get up close and look for character.

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