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cherub1958d September 26, 2016
An amazing photograph, what beautiful colours, i hope i see this in January in Iceland, well done to you for capturing such a mesmerizing scene.
gek1701 May 21, 2017
Stunning shot and a great gallery!!
ambrosearts May 21, 2017
Absolutely stunning masterpiece even taken in the Yukon where I live :))
pattymo March 27, 2018
It is my dream to one day get to shoot the northern lights! I am also mezmorozed by them beautiful image!
michelegreenwoodwarren October 13, 2018
I am so jealous ... just amazing capture 😎
TomasTar November 01, 2018
Nick13 December 24, 2018
DNproSTUDIO Jun 13
very beautiful shot for the aurora and the reflection

Spellbound by Night

I was truly mesmerized when i opened the tent zipper and looked outside as my friend shouted "Ramtin, WAKE UP, they are visible, and very fucking Impressiv...
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I was truly mesmerized when i opened the tent zipper and looked outside as my friend shouted "Ramtin, WAKE UP, they are visible, and very fucking Impressive". I'll never forget this night of my life. We ate early that night and went into our sleeping bags for a nap to wake up and check for the lights. Luckily, on our first night, we saw them.

Photographing the Aurora Borealis at this time of year at such remote locations like this one has its challenges. Long and restless days of hiking or flying is often required to get to Talus Lake. This is near the Arctic circle. Weather here can change dramatically and quickly and even though this was late august, Fall colors were already near peak and we woke up to frost at night.

The Aurora Borealis is something that you must experience in person in order to understand what it makes you feel like. There are no words that can explain this feeling and experience. But I'm hoping that my photograph will shed a tiny bit of light on how beautiful and epic this experience is.

For this shot, I used 2 exposures.. One is at night when the light show was at its peak, the other shot is from earlier at twilight-blue hour to bring some details into the shot in the foreground. I love photographing at night because often you can get rid of a lot of distractions in your composition as the landscape transforms under the light. I decided on a vertical composition because I needed to include a lot of the sky and the foreground. With a horizontal one, i'd loose a lot of the river and the sky and instead capture a lot of the mountains on the side which weren't part of the story.

If you do like this story and my photograph, please like and share. I'd also appreciate your feedback and comments as i'm always trying to better myself as a photographer.

Thanks very much for the time you took reading this tiny story.

Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon
-2016 -Ramtin Kazemi
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Behind The Lens

Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon
This was at 1 in the morning on a very cold morning.
I took 2 different exposures here. One was shot at the blue hour to bring back some detail in the foreground.
D800 with a Tripod obviously and the Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 Lens.
Nature has always inspired me. The great Canadian wilderness is second to none!
Yes I used lots of techniques. including luminosity masking to blend the exposures, contrast and color adjustments plus softening the water even further.
In my camera bag
I keep is simple... Tripod, Body, 2 Lenses and a shutter release... I always keep a solid ND 10 stop filter in case as well.
Landscape photography is about love, passion and patience. If you don't have those, you won't be successful.

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