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AC Firemen Memorial (2)

Those who died in the line of duty

Those who died in the line of duty
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amywalburn October 09, 2016

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on the Boardwalk at Atlantic City, New Jersey.
This time was after mid-day and normally too hot and bright for photos like this. However, because of my schedule at that time, this was the opportunity for me to take advantage of capturing this memorial.
This photo was taken in the heat of the day. Normally a no, no when it comes to taking pictures in these conditions but timing and opportunity trumps these rules and so I took advantage of it. I've seen other items displayed publically in other places and I had intentions of going back to shoot them in better light but they were gone so I didn't want to waste the current opportunity.
I had an old Canon 50D that I had in my bag and I wanted to try out my Tamron 16-300 mm f/3.5-6 Dill Macro lens Model: B016E that I bought and I wanted to try it on some casual items not thinking that I would find something that I really wanted to shoot and not having a back up lens. It's a very nice lens but it didn't give me the shallow depth of field that I wanted with this photo. So now I have a better feel for when to use this particular type of lens.
I am inspired and deeply appreciate our brave men and women who honour us with their service and have paid the highest price one could pay to serve and protect us. I believe that we who are true Americans can do no less than to take a moment to honour them. When I post a photo like this I see it as the very least I can do to show that there are many of us who appreciate and love them.
I tried to compensate for the harshness of the bright sunlight and show as much detail as possible.
In my camera bag
Normally I have several lenses and sometimes an extra camera, with items that can help me to take a better photo when I am on location. This day I decided to travel lite and only carried the one camera and one lens with a few extra batteries.
One of the basic rules of photography is to consider your lighting, and therefore, be prepared for it. That preparation also should include making sure you have the right camera and lens with you. Don't make my mistake, you should expect the unexpected.

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