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ellenellen October 15, 2016
Lovely shot!
murphey October 17, 2016
Amazing !
NoControlPix October 20, 2016
deffinetly love that shot!
Baltasar October 21, 2016
Beautiful pose! Congrats!
bordershots October 23, 2016
Love it !
blootoonloon October 23, 2016
Stunning portrait work
RA6907 October 25, 2016
I love the background, use of color, and the mood. The only thing that detracts a little from the composition is the clutter in the reflection from the guitar. Only because it is a posed piece.
stephanemichaux October 25, 2016
you're right! One day I'll get a proper studio space. One day...
SouthernSpell December 06, 2016
Really all you needed was something to reflect light back into the guitar, beautiful work otherwise! keep doing what you do
naturisk October 26, 2016
Very sweet image. Nicely done.
clem October 27, 2016
I'm going to sound odd, but, I am drawn to the guitar it's stunning, and the oh a model she's nice. Ooh look at that guitar.
stephanemichaux October 27, 2016
I think it's normal: Shirley is as drawn to her guitar as you are.
Terrilljohnson123 October 29, 2016
Being one with your instrument
RUGladstone November 14, 2016
Just Love this shot.
SoulShutter November 14, 2016
Nice shot and pose ..great lighting too... Merci =0))
timkent November 17, 2016
You do such amazing work. Your details are always so sharp. Your poses are so reflective; you always create a mood in a single moment. You combine so much beauty in this shot, however tempered with just a trace of sadness. It makes me miss George Harrison. My age showing.
stephanemichaux November 20, 2016
hehe thanks Tim. I'll share a bit of a backstory: the wall was white, the scene is lit with a single speedlight put on top of a chair on top of a stool, hidden behind white bed sheets, and the reflection on the guitar is my kitchen.
gdpshots December 17, 2016
Awesome shot! Love this!
garb303 December 20, 2016
The only improvement I would even attempt to make is substitute the Ibanez with a Gibson sixties cherry ES335 with Bigsby tremolo, but then that's just my opinion. Great pose.
stephanemichaux December 31, 2016
Forwarding the comment to Shirley, just to see what she thinks about your suggestion :=)
bevrichard October 23, 2017


Shirley's a musician, and the greatest love she has in her life is her guitar.

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram: @stephane.mich...
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Shirley's a musician, and the greatest love she has in her life is her guitar.

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram:
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