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julikaphotographe December 08, 2016
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julikaphotographe December 08, 2016
Write a comment much motion in the grasses and the river seems endless...meeting the fabulous sky..the symmetry is soothing and reassuring...the lone tree adds some it
sollenaphotography February 22, 2017
Love this!
shirleyGarwood September 01, 2017
Love this image...well done
derxphoto June 12, 2018
good composition)
DNproSTUDIO September 14, 2018
very nice photo
Nostroboy November 10, 2018
Incredible edit ! New Zealand is pure epicness !

Alpine Outflow

Just a wee stream seen flowing through long grass near Kinloch, South Island, New Zealand. Southern Alps glow in the distance....
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Just a wee stream seen flowing through long grass near Kinloch, South Island, New Zealand. Southern Alps glow in the distance.
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Behind The Lens

I shot this image just outside of the tiny hamlet of Kinloch, at the head of the great lake, Wakatipu, in the South Island in the South Island of New Zealand. I was with a group of local photographers out for a meet up on what started as a gloomy, rainy day. As the day progressed, the grey skies became dramatic clouds with light beams breaking through.
Shot in the afternoon.
The South Island of New Zealand has so many amazing sights and habitats. I love taking visitors from around the world on photography tours from Queenstown, showing them my favourite places and helping them capture amazing images. Many people worry, when we head out under cloudy or rainy skies, whether they will capture anything worthwhile. Locals know, though, that clouds come in many forms and can often be the star of an image. They modify light and create interest and drama. This image a is a great example.
This image was shot with my old Nikon D5100, with a 10-20mm Sigma lens to capture a dramatic wide angle perspective. Three wide angle images were shot with a tripod - essential for an image with such close foreground elements - and stitched together in Adobe Lightroom.
Travelling alongside a grassy paddock, I saw this small meandering stream, which I realised would make a great leading line to a background of the mountains of the Southern Alps.
Post processing was important for this image. It's actually a panorama with three wide angle images stitched together in Adobe Lightroom. On the day, I shot the stream from two directions. The other image featured a great tree, but I preferred this composition and actually deep etched the tree in photoshop, copied and pasted it into this composition. Drama and detail were enhanced using Nik Software's, Viveza, Color Effex and Analog Effex.
In my camera bag
When I shot this image, I was using a Nikon D5100 most matched with a Tamron 18-200mm lens. The lens was a great solution for a variety of situations, covering the spectrum from wide to telephoto. It's limitations are sharpness and speed. Shooting panoramas stitched from a series of images, allows me, apart from being able to capture a very wide format, also to zoom in and capture more detail. Ultimately, the limitations of this set up became to great and I swapped my D5100, for a Nikon D7200, which gives me more control, greater dynamic range, low light performance and more pixels. I have improved my glass with a Sigma 10-20mm, to get the drama of the super wide; a nice fast Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 covers the mid range and allows low light and night shooting; telephoto is covered by a Nikkor 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6 which with my APSC sensor gives me an effective 400mm focal length.
This shot is a great example of looking for the elements of a great composition, rather than just point the camera at a photographic icon. This location is surrounded by spectacular mountains, but finding simple foreground elements like this little stream wending through this flood-bent grass allowed me to create a memorable I,age.

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