panilsson September 09, 2016
Denna är grymt snygg vännen, jävligt go mood.
chadthompson September 10, 2016
Great photo! It's awesome how much freckles come out in photographs. This is superb!
marcinlaskarzewski September 12, 2016
She is gorgeous. Beautiful photo.
BrunoHeeb October 12, 2016
amazing shot
Great shot and stunning model!!! Awesome job!
vojce Jan 11
fantastic portrait congrats
Great work....and julia is one of the beautiful models....congrats
vidarmathisen Jan 12
beautiful, well composed

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Sep, 2016

/ I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my eyes and all is born again. /

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Won Contest Finalist in Eye To Eye Portraits Photo ContestJanuary, 2017


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Behind The Lens

At the marina in Malmö, Sweden we found a good spot between some buildings away from the bright light and wind. September in Sweden this year did not have any polar bears on the streets so we got lucky! hahahha. Just kidding, the polars bears are not on the streets, they are on the icebergs.
This frame where taken outside, at 12 a clock and the sun was sky-high! Finally I found a spot where big glas windows reflected the bright sun and we got some amazing portrait frames! It was also a bit windy that day in Malmö, Karlskrona so we hade to find some wind shelter.
A am all for natural light and moving around the model ti catch the best reflektions. My frames are shoot til 90% outside due to the lack of external flashes and reflectors.
My Canon 5D Mark III with Canon EF 85mm/f1.2 helped me all day long to catch all the good frames. And don not forget the portable music!
I have always had a drive to create natural images, where the model is made-up to the point of absurdity, because I want the frame to be so real and natural as possible. The model I worked with is a natural beauty by her self and I do not want to ruin it with a lot of makeup and distractions in the environment. For this frame, the light was more important than the background, and it had to be in the town center where the light reflected well on modelles beautiful facial features.
no, not really, two quick test shots to check the light and then just go nuts on the manual settings. I work constantly in raw-files so white balance I can always adjust efterwards but I still strive to get it right in the camera so I do not have to waste lots of hours in front of the computer and photo editing software.
In my camera bag
First of all my bag in a Fjäll Räven bag so it´s smal. That brings it down to the camera, 5D Mark III, the 85mm lens of course and also the 24-70mm/f2.8 USM II and the 70-200mm/f2.8 USM II. This give me the range from 24mm til 200mm and the gold length of 85mm in the middle. Except some batteries, baby-oil for the models skin (for the shine) and ALWAYS, ALWAYS portable music in for of a Marshal Stockwell! Can´t take pictures without music! Right!
The main thing I learned through my tiny experience is that you should always have fun, try to relax, talk with the model of how you want it and what you expect. Allow the model to do his/her poses and interpret your ideas before you go in and adjust and direct. It is a partnership and you have to trust each other and allow each other's artistic side to flourish. Then, and only then I think you manage to get that picture that both love and want to post and share! Unfortunately, I have seen and heard many photographers who believe the model should just solve everything for them. That it is the models fault if the images turns out poor. I see it as it is both the photographer and the models challange to create something together. You can have a goal of your own, but not including the other's goal, it becomes "one-man-show" and the result will be moderate or just bad.

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