Swiss Beauty

Rugged mountains of Switzerland create amazing scenery not to be missed!

Rugged mountains of Switzerland create amazing scenery not to be missed!
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Behind The Lens

I captured this photo on my adventures around Switzerland. I have family there that know the area well so it wasn't too difficult to find these scenes.
This was captured around 11am, there were so many mountainous areas to see, I wanted to make sure there was enough time to witness these breathtaking sites in good lighting conditions.
The day I chose to travel around the mountains was such a great day. The summer sun was beaming down and there were very few, if any, clouds in the sky.
This was shot on my Canon 1100D, handheld with no other equipment.
I was looking through the spectacular photos of Ansel Adams and was inspired by his masterpieces. So while I visited Switzerland I planned to capture the landscapes there in a similar way to Adams but not to replicate or copy his style completely. I wanted to add my own style somehow.
I shot in RAW and used Adobe Lightroom to adjust the colours and brightness slightly, but it was very subtle edits because I wanted to be as objective as possible.
In my camera bag
I always have my Canon 1100D with a wide angle lens and also a standard one (mainly for back-up). I also have a flash handy and a tripod, along with a remote release which usually becomes useful.
Research places before hand that may interest you and have these spectacular scenes. Plan a whole day before hand to visit these scenes and make sure there's plenty of areas you plan to visit, so you have plenty of different shots. Also if possible, visit these sites more than once and maybe in different lighting/weather conditions to see how the mood/atmosphere may change in your images.

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