Red Fox

Cavendish, PEI

Cavendish, PEI
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catherinethompson PRO
catherinethompson February 10, 2018
Nice image.

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Cavendish, PEI in the National Park.
It was taken in the early evening when th sun is just the right way.
At sunset was just the right time on where the fox was on relation to the road in order not to show shadows in the photo. It was also taken in a very touristy spot the foxes are highlights when people stay on the Island National Park.
I just used my new Nikon P610 Coolpix with many settings and a sturdy hands. That was last summer when the foxes were just born or shorlty after that.
I am just in love with foxes it is a huge tourist run area near the Cavendish Beach.
This was just a JPEG image just needed to be sharpened a little since I don't use a tripod. I find tripod hinder you from taking other shot in the wildlife or landscapes. You can't take Bald eagle shots with a tripod.
In my camera bag
Extra SD Card, batteries, camera case if it rains. I am just about to get my Cokin color square glass filters. I have a holder that I use for them. A friend was throwing out old gear and it just happened to fix my camera.
Just be patient I have my camera with me all the time don't leave home with out it. At least that way you can't blame it on forgetting the camera. You have to have good timing and the right daylight is everything.

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