carolt55 August 30, 2016
Absolutely beautiful!

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Aug, 2016

River Eder in the evening

Found this subject by sheer coincidence. Luckily, I had camera and tripod with me...
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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken at the river Eder in the north of Hesse (Germany) near my home...
It was a total coincidence that I stumbled upon this picture. One summer evening I came back from a beer with colleagues. On a bridge I looked to the misty hills in the background, where my home lies. Then I saw this wonderful view. Quite luckily, I had my camera and the tripod with me, so I stopped... ;)
Natural light... ;)
Fujifilm X-Pro2, Fujinon XF 14mm F2.8 R and a tripod...
I was inspired by the amazing view, the reflections, the wonderful colours and the misty hills in the background. I love the tranquility which lies in this photo.
Only a bit raw development. Pushing the shadows and the orange of the sunset a little bit. Removed two distracting shiny points (street lamps shining through the trees) on the right.
In my camera bag
My X-Pro2 and some of Fuji's fantastic prime lenses, some filters (ND) for long exposures. Normally, I carry my tripod with me...
Search for a nice view to the east or west (sunrise or -set) from a bridge and go there quite often in the morning or evening. A wonderful app named "The Photographer's Ephemeris" might help you a lot with finding the right time of year and day. You might have to go there many times before you get the perfect shot, so be patient or lucky, like I was... ;)

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