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Nuremberg Castle and Fullmoon





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BarbaraLaMont57 September 13, 2016
It is an awesome photo...
jaredconklin PRO+
jaredconklin April 09, 2018
Nice shot. With a Coolpix too lol
MERCEDESS November 13, 2018
Love this shot, my hometown :-)
ellenellen PRO+
ellenellen October 24, 2019
beautifully done!
Dee-CrystalClear PRO
Dee-CrystalClear March 01, 2020
Magnificent and Spectacular!
HeliK Premium
HeliK May 09, 2020
critique PRO
critique May 31, 2020
I want to believe/know that this wonderful image is an "authentic" image rather than a "Photoshopped" one. It's a bit disconcerting to me that it's difficult, today, to tell the difference between the real thing and the created one. I'm reminded of Thoreau's observation, something like "Shams and delusions are esteemed as soundest truths, where, everywhere, realityis fabulous," or something close to that. I recognize the tremendous creativity and skill needed to create some of the "Photoshopped images" and I don't want to disparage those, but my own preference is for the real. In any event, this is a wonderful image!
TARPAPERHAVEN2020 September 05, 2020
Love it ,wonderful job
ZeLuiz PRO
ZeLuiz October 27, 2020

Behind The Lens

The foto i took from my balcony in Nuremberg at December 26, 2015. i knew that something spectacular would happen and so it did. The foto shows a near fullmoon rise in combination with Nuremberg Castle, which is called: Kaiserburg.
It's been about 8.00 pm then and already dark as You can see
i am a very simple photographer and i do all my fotos on automatic
the foto is taken with the Nikon Coolpix P900 and my moon fotos until now i make with my hands, nothing else involved and my moon fotos i always do without a flash
i love to take fotos of the rising moon. and i knew this one would be in combination with Nuremberg Castle.
no processing
In my camera bag
Since the Nikon Coolpix is a bridge camera with no objective to change it is all i need for my moon fotos
i specialized in moon rise, because i have the feeling the moon is very majestic then. so since two or three years i check every day the time of the moonrise, which always changes, and so i am prepared then. it is also good, to be a bit on a higher spot, than the one where the moon will rise i try to find out as early as possible where exact the moon will appear and then i take as many fotos as possible within 30 minutes or so. Good luck for all of You

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