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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on a Road trip Between Adelaide and Sydney, at a place called Pinaroo
The photo was taken an hour or so before sun set
The natural lighting was intensely bright working off the white grain stacks. The temperature was easily in 40's, so shimmering and flaring where factors
My Iphone is my fin's life documentary camera and I use it to capture my everyday life and the fantastic images I see and want to share.
Whilst driving I could see in the distance a beacon of white light. It was the sun shining off the white painted grain silo stacks. As I drove closer it only got more intense. It was at that point I decided to I would stop and capture what I was witnessing. I like strong, simple & stylish images. Photos that are timeless
I use the iphone editing software and then tweaked it a little using instagram editing tools
In my camera bag
I am traveling with Sony a900 sony 50 mm Manfrotto tripod Sony Flash Iphone
As you will notice from the contents of my camera bag I only use one camera set up. I have become so familiar withe this particular rig that I am able to set up and capture within minutes. The Iphone is used for me a lot like the polaroid was to medium format film. The documentary of the shot. I use it to test angles and lighting flare. I am able to guestimate quite accurately without looking down the lens what I am shooting, adjusting camera settings on the fly intuitively to match conditions. The camera has good solid weight and I am able to do without tripod a lot of the time. My photos lately have been centered around silhouette. I am trying to get the fine line between back lit and lens flare. Mostly when taking a photo I try and capture what I see, so dont be afraid to look around. I think that in this day and global age if I like a picture there is a good chance someone else in the world will to so go for it.

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