EyeContakt-Photography October 27, 2016
Photo woould've been better if the piano was in the centre of the room and that beauty was laying across it or leaning against it with a long stem rose on the keys
vitor February 10, 2017
This photo is beautiful just as it is, in my view... but this is very subjective...
Forrest_Imagery February 13, 2017
This image has been carefully planned and executed in a variety of ways; from the lavish setting with a highly polished, intricately laid travertine floor, to the low perspective, to the ideal placement of the model slightly off-center and perfectly framed by the door and archways in the background, the excellent use of ambient lighting and off-camera flash. Virtually no detail has been overlooked.

That's just me.
I'm sure the photographer had other bizarre intentions when he took this snapshot for a dimestore publication
JoseFSandoval June 17, 2017
This is such a Masterpiece...
Love the fact that all is in perfect harmony!
aleclux December 21, 2017
Splendid shot, well done, love it
Fairleas22 Jan 12
Love this!!!

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Aug, 2016


Shooting with Coxy in Prague
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