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KBamber October 12, 2016
Nice composition..great shot! Welcome to viewbug!
mikeconley October 12, 2016
Great capture, beautiful. Welcome to ViewBug. I look forwrd to more.
HopeCharmaine October 12, 2016
I love how you captured the mist hovering above the water and the reflected light behind the trees.
Pauldc1 October 12, 2016
Welcome to Viewbug, keep sharing your wonderful captures with the group.:)
kathleencollins October 14, 2016
Neelesh October 14, 2016
This is a peace giving to my eye photo.
Awesome, Great job.

The Still at Sunrise

The Illicit Still Cabin on the shore of Aigas Loch at Sunrise.

The Illicit Still Cabin on the shore of Aigas Loch at Sunrise.
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo at the Aigas Field Centre, near Beauly in the Scottish Highlands at their little loch.
This photograph was taken at sunrise on an early June morning in 2015, approximately 4.50am
It was wonderful watching the intense orange of the sunrise filter through the trees and reflecting on the still water of the loch and in the dawn mist.
I used a Nikon D7000 with the Nikkor 70-200mm F2.8 VR I at an exposure of 1/200 at f8 iso 1250, photographed in RAW. A beanbag was used.
During the week I spent at the Aigas Field Centre I endeavoured most mornings to rise very early and visit the wildlife hide at the lochside to try and photograph the resident beavers or even spot an osprey or otters. Sadly none appeared on any of my mornings there. However, sitting in the hide, watching the sun rise, the mist clear and the birds start singing was the most wonderful way to start the day. I would look over to the cabin, which isn't available to Aigas guests, and dream about staying there. On this specific morning, when the sky began to change colour, I set the camera on my beanbag and pointed it towards the cabin and the water not really expecting such a stunning sunrise, but I soon realised I was witnessing something very special.
I used adobe lightroom, photoshop and the nik software package to accurately replicate the light I witnessed that morning and enhance the mist. In Lightroom I adjusted the blacks and white to increase the contrast. Using the Nik Software I added a little noise reduction with define2 and used Silver Efex pro II for tonal changes to the image, to bring out the detail in the cabin and in the wood. What I love most about the nik package is the u-points, which are a really simple way to make changes to specific parts of the image. I then converted back to colour in photoshop by changing the layer to luminosity.
In my camera bag
Since I took this photograph I have upgraded to a Nikon D610 and now have the Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 VRII lens. This is my everyday combination. I also carry a 1.4x teleconverter, 24mm and 50mm lenses and macro tubes - just in case I see anything interesting! I'm a keen wildlife photographer, so I tend to keep the Tamron 150-600 mm lens in the bag too. Tripod, monopod or beanbag and a cable release.
I'm not really a landscape photographer, and therefore most of my landscapes were taken when I was out looking for (and failing to find!) wildlife. However, my advice would be get up and out early, be in place before the sun rises with camera set up ready to go. Have a tripod or a beanbag to allow slower shutter speeds and a cable/remote release is helpful. Use mirror-up on your camera to reduce shake even more. The early morning light is my favourite, and, even if there isn't a sunrise as stunning as this one, the mist on the water, or over the hills can be a wonderfully atmospheric subject too, or maybe there will be macro subjects available to photograph.

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