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"Western Days Cattle Drive" Dewey Oklahoma-Prairie Song Western Days.

"Western Days Cattle Drive" Dewey Oklahoma-Prairie Song Western Days.
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PattiBaker PRO
PattiBaker November 18, 2017
Congratulations on your award, well deserved as this is a stunning photo!
GigiJim08 PRO+
GigiJim08 December 15, 2017
They are so great. Congratulations on your award!
Byronfairphotography PRO+
Byronfairphotography December 28, 2017
Great capture / Voted
JayneBug PRO+
JayneBug February 03, 2018
Superb capture. Thank you for joining my challenge.
marquis1955 PRO+
marquis1955 December 09, 2019
Congrats on the Peoples Choice Award on this fabulous image !
AnnHopta PRO+
AnnHopta December 10, 2019
Congrats on your people's choice win. My choice as well. This is an absolutely great photo! I hope it hangs on your wall...

Behind The Lens

"Western Days, Cattle Drive," was taken on the prairie, on what is the Moore Ranch (Prairie Song) in Northern Oklahoma, just East of the city of Dewey Oklahoma, during the yearly event that is held in late September, called Western Heritage Weekend. The live cattle drive is just one of the functions held at Prairie Song during the weekend event along with a truly great old time Western Rodeo. This photo is one of my 10 top best, which I like and others have liked and purchased. It is probably my best selling picture of all time, not in numbers sold but in type of pictures sold, as many have bought this as a large print metalized.
This photo shoot started early for me as I was on site for the Western Days event at before day break. I had brought my bed roll and camera supplies, along with my feelings for the day as I was nervous for this shot, which I had planned out. So waiting till 1:00pm was going be a long waitful wait, I had thought, since I was up before sunrise hopefully to also catch a great sunrise. But the day proved fruitful as in my gallery there are at least 6 pictures that came from this days events. As I had eluded, this shot I did try to plan out, for 3 days earlier, I had started my prep for the cattle drive. As a long time goer of this event (Western Days) I just had never gotten a good picture of the cattle drive, so this time I put everything into the shoot I could think of. Starting with the men that would be driving the cattle, I knew approximately where they would heard the long horns, but I also needed to know, how they felt about driving the cattle toward me and the safety involved in such. This is when I found out, that I should become acquainted with them (the long horns) and don't make fast sudden moves. So for the 3 evenings prior to the cattle drive, I went out during the late day after my normal work job and became acquainted by first showing up and walking the perimeter of the herd. The second day I walked within 6 feet of most and even challenged the bull of the herd to a stair down. On the third day I walked amongst them all slowly and on all 3 days wore the same clothing that I would be wear during the cattle drive itself. On the day of the drive, I saw John (the foreman for the drive) about 3 hours before the drive and told him all was ready. He told me to hold my ground and as they crested the gulch they would be looking for me and start to head the cattle toward me as they drove them down into the gulch and back up toward me. All went well except for changing out lens as they (the long horns and cowboys) got close. When changing lens to my portrait lens and a fisheye/panoramic lens, I became nervous with the portrait lens dropping it and with the fisheye lens when changing it the amount of dust made for changing out the lens impractical. The cattle (long horns) moved around me as the cowboys keep driving them toward their new home the Rodeo arena and this became the shot, I was truly trying to capture, as it had all the cattle and all the cowboys within it.
Lighting was my biggest worry and a super bright blue sky day was not what I wanted. I had wanted one of those great cloud days with Cumulus clouds and great definition, so as to help with the dark shadows I know would be cast by the cowboys hats. Not to be the case, it was all sun and as such would have to work to pull out detail in each cowboy.
The camera for this shot was a Sony A77 and this shot was with the 70-300mm Sony lens. I am always using my monopod, as it leads to much easier camera handling and I mostly carry all my equipment on my back with a backpack camera carry case.
I have always been inspired by the West and the Western Cowboys, but I am also one inspired by many things. When 16 years old, I had the chance meeting to meet and greet John Wayne as well as play around at Old Tucson the Hollywood playground for so many great Western movies. As a painter/artist, I was lucky to also learn and study some of the great western artists.
The final image you see here has NO cropping, it is full frame. Also, almost all work on this image was done in Corel Paintshop with Topaz Labs tools. There was not much colorization all work was in bringing in detail and highlights to the long horns and cowboys.
In my camera bag
My backpack camera bag has at least 3 other lens in it at all times, not including a set of six lens filters and lens protectors. More than 4 extra batteries, cleaning fluid and rags a writing pad and pens and sometimes on the top of the bad is my tripod.
I have found, photography is much like everything else in life. You get out of it what you put into it. I do a lot of composing with pictures when it is possible to do so, otherwise it is always about being there. You have to be there to get the shot! I am always envious of being there.

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